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The 6 Forms of Intuition and How to Recognize Them

      "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind the faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." ~ Albert Einstein, Ideas and Opinions 

     If you are a highly sensitive person, an empath, or a lightworker.... likely you are experiencing periods of ascension symptoms as you upgrade to higher frequency energy. This is happening for all of us who feel called to make the world a better place.  Because these upgrades in your energy systems are needed to facilitate and actualize your life purpose.

    As we grow and ascend, these energetic upgrades often include enhanced intuitive and sensory experiences. These include claircognizance —clear knowing, clairvoyance— clear seeing,  clairaudience — clear hearing, clairsentience —clear feeling... and the lesser forms of intuition clairalience — clear smelling, and clairgustance— clear tasting. Your awakening process can include recognition of and awakening of your intuitive senses.

Your Developing Intuitive Senses

    If you want to learn how to develop your intuitive senses, my best advice is to embrace ALL your life experiences as opportunities to evolve. Because intuitive senses develop naturally as you ascend. This means approaching all your experiences, including losses and difficulties -- and even planetary retrogrades and other challenging transits -- as events that are happening FOR you and your evolution, rather than TO you. This takes us out of victim consciousness and into higher consciousness.

    It is important to focus on learning skills to work with your evolving energy systems, rather than focusing on pushing your intuition to develop faster than your natural evolution. Trust that all is unfolding in divine timing. There are links throughout this article for more information to guide you in working with your developing intuitive senses.

     Intuitive experiences often appear through different senses simultaneously. For example, you may have a vision at the same time you hear an intuitive inner voice. Different intuitive senses can also emerge in a series over time. For example, I first became aware that I am a claircognizant in my teens. This was closely followed by the appearance of clairvoyance. It wasn't until later in my adult life that my gift of clairaudience emerged. And since then the other three forms of intuition have awakened in my life, and all six have naturally deepened and expanded as I evolve and ascend.

A Word about Sensitivity

    Intuitive senses are often accompanied by sensitive senses. If you have sensitive eyes or ears, or sensitivity to taste, smells and other's emotions -- and those sensitivities are disrupting your energy --it’s best to simply limit exposure. Once you have received the intuitive message through your senses, you do not have to force yourself to stay around people and places that make you feel overwhelmed, anxious and drained. Instead, focus on being around people and places that uplift, inspire and energize you! 
     Let’s examine each of these six forms of intuition, one at a time.

The Six Forms of Intuition 

1. CLAIRCOGNIZANCE.  Clear knowing.

     Claircognizance is the ability to know information without any discernible source, logic or reason. Claircognizants simply “know” facts instinctively without having read it or been told about it. Those who have claircognizance receive concepts, thoughts, ideas and sudden instances of understanding seemingly out of nowhere.

Here are 5 signs of claircognizance:
  • Active mind. Claircognizants are analytical thinkers who have an active mind with an almost constant stream of thoughts, perceptions, insights and epiphanies. 
  • Knowing the truth. Claircognizants instinctively know when someone is lying. They can instantly spot insincerity or fakeness. If you have the ability to sense beyond a person’s words to their true intentions, you are likely a claircognizant.
  • Knowing the future. Claircognizants can know the outcome of a situation before it happens. If you have a hunch about the results of a test, or how a health issue or life event is going to resolve -- and your hunch turns out to be correct -- you are experiencing claircognizance.
  • Knowing the answer. Claircognizants intuitively know the answer to problems in their lives and others.  If solutions to issues come to you spontaneously, and people seek you out for your insights, you are likely a claircognizant. 
  • Reading and writing. Claircognizants love to read and learn new things. They are also prolific writers who pour their thoughts out into written word as an outlet for their highly active minds. 
     Because of their mental abilities, the energy systems of claircognizants can become unbalanced as they unconsciously pull their energy up out of their lower body toward their head. This can happen with other forms of intuition as well and can cause you to feel spacey and scattered, and to develop headaches.  Earthing practices can ground your energy if this happens, and there are helpful tips in this article: How Energy Healing Can Relieve Headaches

2. CLAIRVOYANCE.  Clear seeing. 

      Clairvoyance is "clear vision," or an inner seeing beyond ordinary perception. This "non-ordinary" sensing occurs through the "third eye," also known as the sixth chakra. The third eye is a major energy center located in the center of the forehead above the bridge of the nose, as depicted in the picture above. Through this chakra, we gather information from the universal energy field. Information-encoded waves of energy enter and leave the human energy system through each chakra. The third eye is the chakra through which we send and receive intuitive information.

    Here are 5 signs of clairvoyance:
  • Dreams. Clairvoyants often have vivid dreams and daydreams. When you are asleep or in a mindful, meditative state, your right brain is dominant. And that right-brain dominant state facilitates visions. When your third eye is open, you remember the visions in your dreams.
  • Unusual Vision. Clairvoyants can have unusual experiences of seeing flashes of light, instances of blurry vision, or seeing things in their peripheral vision that aren't there when they turn their head.
  • Inner "Movies." Individuals with the gift of clairvoyance spontaneously translate spoken word into visions. While listening to verbal descriptions, they can vividly see what is described like a movie playing in their mind's eye. They can also can have accurate inner movies, or visual flashes of insight about the future.
  • Inner Vision. Clairvoyants can work things out with their inner vision, visualizing a process or designing a project in their mind's eye. They can see each step of the process, as well as the finished project before they've even started. They can visually take things apart and see how they are put together by using their inner vision to problem solve.
  • Visual Appreciation. Clairvoyant individuals love "feasting" on beauty with their eyes. They enjoy taking in the beauty of art, nature, and other visually-stimulating experiences. This is a wonderful way for clairvoyants to clear their energy and refuel themselves!
  For more information about clairvoyance, including 5 Tips to Opening/Clearing Your Third Eye and Enhancing Your Intuition, click HERE.

3. CLAIRAUDIENCE. Clear hearing. 

     Clairaudience is the ability to hear voices, music or sounds that have no physical source. Here are 5 signs of clairaudience:

  • Voices.  Have you ever thought you heard someone call your name? Or thought you heard someone talking, but no one was there? Have you ever heard someone's thoughts in your mind, as if you were reading their mind? These are all clairaudient experiences.
  • Music. Have you ever heard a song playing in your mind that seemed random -- a song you may not have heard in years? The lyrics to that song may contain the answer to an issue you are currently dealing with. Or have you ever had a question in your mind, and then a song came on the radio with lyrics that answered your question?
  • Insights.  Not only do clairaudients receive insights for themselves through their intuitive hearing, but they intuitively know just the right thing to say to others, when they are in their higher self. A friend or family member may tell you how helpful and crucial your insightful advice was, years after the fact! Yet you may not even remember giving that advice. You may not remember because intuitive insights flow through you, rather than coming from you.
  • Sensitivity. Clairaudients have sensitive hearing. Noises that are loud and have chaotic frequencies disrupt the energy system of clairaudients. These disruptive sounds can leave them feeling overwhelmed, irritated, drained and exhausted. These harsh sounds can also create physical symptoms, like a headache. This sensitivity can increase over time, as clairaudient abilities expand. Sounds that previously weren't bothersome can suddenly become intolerable. To learn more about the signs of clairaudience, read my post 5 Signs That You Are Experiencing Clairaudience.
  • High-Pitched Squealing Sounds. Have you ever wondered what it means when you hear a high-pitched squealing sound or ringing in your ear? It's a sign that you have clairaudience, and that your gift is opening and expanding. To learn more about this phenomenon, and how to energetically clear sensitive ears, read my post: 5 Signs That Hearing High-Pitched Frequencies is Spiritual Awakening. 

4. CLAIRSENTIENCE. Clear sensing. 

     Clairsentience is the ability to sense information about people and places through physical and emotional feelings. A clairsentient senses changes in energy that register in their own energy systems as bodily feelings and emotions. This provides the clairsentient with insights about the past, present and future of people and places. However, a clairsentient can have difficulty filtering their own emotions and feelings from what they are sensing from others - because it feels the same!

     Here are 5 signs of clairsentience:
  • Easily drained. Do you feel overwhelmed and drained by crowds of people? Being around people can be exhausting and provoke anxiety for a clairsentient because they feel the energy of each and every person around them at once. It is imperative that a clairsentient spend time alone clearing and refueling their energy, and grounding. The best way to do this is through Earthing practices. Find out more in my article How to Ground Yourself Through Earthing.
  • Empathic. Clairsentients can empathically sense the emotions and physical pain of those around them. Empaths are those who absorb this energy from others like a sponge. It is important to be a mirror instead of a sponge to maintain health and well-being. Find out more in my article How to Create and Maintain Healthy Boundaries. I set an energetic boundary when I feel the physical pain of others by saying out loud or to myself, "Thank you for that information, but that is not mine." In this way I clearly indicate where my physical feelings end and theirs begins, so they don't mix. 
  • Sense the Truth. Clairsentients can sense the true emotions of others. A clairsentient can be more aware of another person’s true emotional state than the person themselves! This is because a clairsentient can sense past words to the truth of feelings.  
  • Sense Energy. Have you ever walked into a room and felt the mood as uplifting, or heavy, dark, or angry? Clairsentients can read the emotional energy of a room instantly. They can also sense events that have taken place in the past in a physical space through their emotions and bodily sensations. If you would like to learn how to clear your physical space, read my article How to Clear Negative Energy from Your Home. 
  • Sensitivity. Clairsentients are not only environmentally sensitive, but emotionally sensitive as well. I avoid watching the news and sad or violent movies, as well as reading the newspaper or internet news sources because I can feel the grief, heartbreak or terror of those I am viewing or reading about. This can feel overwhelming.  In fact, these exposures can actually be traumatic!  Learn more about how to heal from these experiences in How Trauma if Far More Common Than You Think. If you find that you have absorbed negative energy from others, here is my article How to Clear Your Energy  If you feel overwhelmed, emotional and drained from exposure to people and emotionally-charged material, you can raise your energetic frequencies by seeking out people, movies or reading material that uplifts, inspires and energizes you.  

5. CLAIRALIENCE.  Clear smelling. 

     Clairalience (also known as clairscent, clairolfaction, clairosmesis, and clairessence) is the ability to smell odors and fragrances that have no discernible source in your immediate physical environment. 

     Here are 5 examples of clairsalience: 
  • Toxic Energy. While working with a client’s energy, I suddenly smelled cigarette smoke. When I shared this information with the client, he related that he used to be a heavy smoker but quit 5 years ago and hadn’t smoked since. This clairscent experience alerted me to the toxic energy that needed to be cleared from this individual’s energy systems to complete his healing from prior smoking. 
  • Spirit Presence. Clairalients have the ability to sense the presence of spirits or a departed loved one through smells. For example, you may suddenly and spontaneously smell your grandfather’s cigar smoke, or moth balls like your grandmother used in her closets. Or you may sense the presence of a spiritual deity through the fragrance of roses where none exist. Pay attention to what you were thinking about at the moment you became aware of the smell. This can give you clues about the nature of the intuitive message being conveyed through smell that is guiding your life. 
  • Messages about the past. Clairalients can pick up information about people and places, past, present and future through their sense of smell. For example, you might notice a burning smell in a building and later find out there was a fire in that building many years ago. As the scent of the smoke itself has long been cleared from the building, what you are sensing is the energetic frequency of that event. This can be accompanied by sensing the emotions (clairsentience) of the individuals involved in the fire.
  • Sensitivity.  Like those with clairaudience who can have highly sensitive hearing, individuals with clairalience can have a highly sensitive sense of smell. This is because as we humans evolve, our senses are evolving as well. This allows us to pick up on sounds, smells and tastes we may not have been previously capable of sensing. And as we clear our energy systems, our natural senses become sharpened.  For example, I find it difficult to spend much time in antique stores or thrift stores, because I pick up on the energy of the objects in the physical space through my sense of smell, which can be overpowering.  As I am also a clairsentient, I sense the energy on the items from their former owners in the form of emotions and physical sensations, which can cause me to feel anxious. Some intuitive individuals are so sensitive to the energy of smells they can become lightheaded, disoriented, and nauseas with a headache. This is called hyperosmia.
  • Health messagesThe energy of noxious smells associated with illness or toxins can be an intuitive message that guides you away from exposure to sickness or toxic environments. If you find harsh smell experiences to be overwhelming and disruptive to your energy and your equilibrium, you can calm the chaos and raise your frequency by letting your intuitive senses guide you to smells that give you a sense of well-being.  For example, smell some fresh flowers, essential oils, or raw fruits and vegetables. Indulge your senses in the natural smells of nature or your loved ones. 
6. CLAIRGUSTANCE. Clear tasting. 

     Clairgustance is the ability to spontaneously taste a substance without the physical presence of that substance in one’s mouth. Clairgustants receive intuitive messages through taste. Clairgustance is likely the most unusual of the intuitive senses. Clairgustance usually occurs in conjunction with one or more of the five other forms of intuition, especially clairalience. 

   Here are 5 examples of clairgustance that convey messages from the past, present and future. 
  • Healing Information. I once experienced a sudden and spontaneous chemical taste in my mouth while doing energy work with a client. When I shared this with the client, she said she had gone through a course of chemotherapy years prior. This clairgustance experience alerted me to the toxic energy that needed to be cleared from this individual’s energy systems to complete her healing from cancer treatment. 
  • Spirit Messages. Those with clairgustance can receive spirit messages through taste. For example, at the moment that you are feeling alone and needing support, you might suddenly taste your great aunt’s apple pie, who passed years prior. Through a spontaneous and intuitive taste experience, you can sense a loved one's presence and feel their support.
  • Health Messages. Clairgustants may taste a specific food while reading about or hearing about a health issue. Intuitively they can sense that this food will help this particular health issue. 
  • Sensitivity. Like those with clairalience who can have a highly sensitive sense of smell, individuals with clairgustance can have a highly sensitive sense of taste. Some can “taste” when a food is tainted in the very slightest, or discern minute amounts of individual ingredients in a prepared dish. Clairgustants can also pick up on the energy states of people and places through their sense of taste. For example, an unpleasant encounter with a narcissist can leave a bad taste in the mouth of an empath - both figuratively and literally. 
  • Toxic Energy. Clairgustants can get a toxic taste in their mouth just prior to eating or drinking something, or going somewhere. This can be a message of guidance that the food or drink you are about to consume, or the area you are about to enter is unhealthy and toxic and should be avoided. 
         A heightened sense of taste can also guide us in eating higher frequency food that is more in alignment with our upgrading energetic frequencies as we evolve. For example, with an energetic upgrade that I experienced during total lunar eclipse, the taste of meat suddenly became revolting and I became a vegetarian. The smell of food cooking on the stove also became off-putting and I began to prefer higher-vibration raw foods like salads and smoothies. If intuitive taste experiences have left you feeling off balance, you can regain your balance and raise your frequencies by seeking high-vibration natural and pleasant taste experiences, like ripe, raw fruit.

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    Thursday, February 28, 2019

    3 Steps to Beginning Anew

         "Life does not accommodate you; it shatters you. Every seed destroys its container, or else there would be no fruition." ~ Florida Scott-Maxwell, The Measure of My Days

          If you are a highly sensitive person, an empath, a lightworker.... likely you are experiencing periods of ascension symptoms as you upgrade to higher frequency energy. This is happening for all of us who feel called to make the world a better place.  Because these upgrades in your energy systems are needed to facilitate and actualize your life purpose.

        As we grow, evolve and ascend, we experience a series of endings and beginnings in our lives as lower energy states of being, thinking and believing that no longer serve us are cleared from our energy systems.

         When you are in the middle of these cycles, it can be a confusing and emotional time. You may wonder how to get "out of it" or make the turmoil stop. The way to "make it stop" is to let go. Because ending is actually the way to begin anew.

          In order for a new tree to begin, the nut that contains the seed must come to an end. In order for an infant to have life, a pregnancy has to come to an end. In order for a new career to begin, a job must end. In order for anything new to begin in your life, something must end.

         The way to begin anew is to END.

    How to Begin Anew

         Life is not linear. It is more like a spiral. Any given end point on the spiral is immediately followed by a beginning point on the spiral. For example, the moment a year ends is immediately followed by the moment a year begins. When you choose to end something in your life, you CREATE a beginning.

       If you feel stuck in the turmoil and unable to move forward, it's because something is in the way. You must let go of what is not working in your life in order to begin anew. To ascend to a higher level of consciousness, you have to let go of lower vibration "garbage."

       Here are 3 steps to guide you in beginning anew:

    1. Meditate. Spend a few moments in quiet with your eyes closed. Take some slow deep breaths. Let go of all self-judgment and give yourself permission to receive an insight, no matter what it is. If you had the ability to intuitively know what needs to end, what would you guess it to be? Trust the answer.

    2. Let Go. Letting go requires that you trust in the process that a beginning always follows an ending, and release the fear. Here are 3 tips to letting go. 

    3. Gratitude. The energy of gratitude has astonishingly positive effects on your energy systems! Feeling gratitude for what is ending brings you out of the turmoil and into harmony.

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    Tuesday, January 1, 2019

    How to Use Numerology to Find Your Life Path

         "Every event, circumstance, and relationship has been nudging you to follow your true path and do your great work -- which is the only path to real success and abundance." 
         ~  Sue Frederick, I See Your Dream Job

        All of life is energy, even numbers! Numerology is the study of the energetic vibration of numbers and how they relate to our lives. Your birthdate, reduced to a single digit, is your life path number and can tell you a lot about your purpose. That purpose then unfolds throughout your lifespan in a series of nine-year cycles.

         Choosing to live in alignment with the energy of each year of these nine-year cycles, expressed as your "personal year number" can help you understand your life and the unfolding of your purpose. Simply put, being conscious of where you are in these cycles is empowering! Let's begin by taking a look at your life path number.

    Determining Your Life Path Number 

         Your life path number is determined by adding together the numbers of your birth date until you get to a single digit 1-9, or master numbers 11 and 22.

          For example, if you birth date is December 14, 1987:

         December is the 12th month of the year:  1 + 2 = 3
         14th:  add 1 + 4 = 5
         1987: add 1 + 9 + 8 + 7 = 25; 2 + 5 = 7

         Now add all three:  3 + 5 + 7 = 15; 1 + 5 = 6

         An individual with a birth date of December 14, 1987 therefore has a life path of 6.

         BELOW are short descriptions of each life path:

    LIFE PATH 1: An individual with a 1 life path is a leader who brings new ideas and concepts into the world.

    LIFE PATH 2: An individual with a 2 life path is a collaborative, compassionate, sensitive and supportive team player.

    LIFE PATH 3: An individual with a 3 life path uses creativity and self-expression to write or teach.

    LIFE PATH 4: An individual with a 4 life path is practical, determined, logical and efficient in building complex projects.

    LIFE PATH 5: An individual with a 5 life path is an adventurous, fearless, charismatic, freedom-loving agent of change.

    LIFE PATH 6: An individual with a 6 life path brings justice, harmony and enlightenment to the world.

    LIFE PATH 7: An individual with a 7 life path is an intuitive, spiritual student of scientific and philosophical studies.

    LIFE PATH 8: An individual with an 8 life path is a powerful, entrepreneurial leader destined to manifest wealth for the greater good.

    LIFE PATH 9: An individual with a 9 life path is a wise, free-spirited, humanitarian seeker of truth.

    LIFE PATH 11: An individual with an 11 life path uses their inspired and artistic gifts to shift the collective consciousness.

    LIFE PATH 22: An individual with a 22 life path is destined to make significant contributions that inspire and enlighten mankind.

    Your Personal Year Number 

         Each year has its own numerology, either a number 1-9, or 11 or 22.  For example, if you add the digits of 2016, you will find that it was a "9" year.  Similarly, 2017 was a "1" year,  2018 was an "11" year, and 2019 is a "3" year. But each year has a personal numerology number as well for each individual.

         To find your personal year number, add you birth month, birth date, and the current year together. For example, if your birthday is May 23rd, then 2018 would be your personal year 3.

         May is the 5th month of the year = 5
         23rd is 2 + 3 = 5
         2018: 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11

         Now add all three 5 + 5 + 11 = 21; 2 + 1 = 3

         BELOW  are brief descriptions of what you can expect for the current year depending on what personal number this year is for you:

    PERSONAL YEAR 1: This is a year of brave new beginnings, whether that is a new job, new program of study, or living in a new location. A 1 year is the foundation for a 9-year cycle.

    PERSONAL YEAR 2: This is a year for collaborating with others to begin developing your year 1 vision.

    PERSONAL YEAR 3: This is a year for play, socializing, and enjoyment of your blossoming year 1 vision.

    PERSONAL YEAR 4: This is a year of hard work in developing a foundation for the growth of your year 1 vision.

    PERSONAL YEAR 5: This is an adventurous and freedom-loving year that requires you to adapt to changes and expand beyond previous restrictions.

    PERSONAL YEAR 6: This is a year to go deep and focus on personal and business relationships.

    PERSONAL YEAR 7: This is a year to take a break and explore spirituality, creativity, intuition and writing while making adjustments to your year 1 vision.

    PERSONAL YEAR 8: This is a powerful and prosperous year for receiving recognition and engaging in promotion of the fruit of your year 1 vision.

    PERSONAL YEAR 9: This is a year for letting go and integrating the lessons of the 9 year cycle before beginning anew.

    PERSONAL YEAR 11: This is an intuitive and illuminating year filled with inspiration and artistic expression with a focus on self-mastery.

    PERSONAL YEAR 22: This is a humanitarian year where the focus is on how to best serve the world with your gifts.

       By combining astrological information about your life purpose determined by your north node with  your personal numerology - much can be revealed about your unique path.

      To learn more about your personal numerology, consult a professional numerologist.

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