Tuesday, July 24, 2018

3 Tips for Healing Rage

     "We want to use anger as a creative force. We want to use it to change, develop, and protect." 
~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD, Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype

     "Anger and sadness are just as valid as joy and happiness. You can't experience one while suppressing the other. It doesn't work that way. If you shut out anger, you shut out joy and passion too."  ~ The Other Medicine That Really Works   

    If you are a highly sensitive person, an empath, and/or a lightworker.... likely you are experiencing periods of ascension symptoms as you upgrade to higher frequency energy. This is happening for all of us who feel called to make the world a better place.  Because these upgrades in your energy systems are needed to facilitate and actualize your life purpose.

    As we grow, evolve and ascend, one of the lower energy states that can come to the surface to be healed and released is suppressed rage.

     Rage is an emotion women are usually uncomfortable with. Women tend to bury their rage under grief. Men tend to bury their grief under anger. To heal rage, let's begin by examining the frequency of anger.

The Energetic Frequency of Anger 

   According to the "Scale of Human Consciousness" (page 25 of Awaken Your Greater Health), which was derived from the book Power Vs Force by David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., anger actually has a higher vibration than sadness. On Hawkins' scale from 0 to 1,000, anger has a vibrational rating of 150, while grief is only 75.  We become empowered when our energetic frequency is 200 or above.

     All you need to reach the vibration of empowerment (200) is courage and willingness. It is easier to get to courage and willingness when you are angry than when you are sad, simply because anger is closer in frequency to empowerment than sadness. Although women tend to bury their anger under grief, it is more productive for you to allow your anger to come to the surface. Of course it's best not to stay in anger or hurt others with our anger. But anger can be a brief stopover that you pass through on your journey to empowerment. There are safe and healthy ways to release your anger if you have the courage and willingness to try them.

     It is important to express and release suppressed rage because of the negative effects it can have on your health. The state of your health is a reflection of the state of your energy systems. Suppressed emotion of any kind disrupts your energy systems, which disrupts your bodily rhythms. Your body systems and energy systems work in synchrony. Suppressed rage takes body systems out of synchrony with energy systems, and into compromised health.

The Crescent Moon Bear

     To understand the nature of healing rage, let's take a look at the archetypal story of the Crescent Moon Bear, which you can read in Women Who Run With the Wolves. This is a story that appears in varied forms in cultures throughout time and around the world. In some versions of the story, the animal is a tiger, or a fox. Regardless of the type of animal in the story, the central motif does not change. The message is: rage as teacher.

     In the story, a woman's husband returns from war traumatized and filled with rage. He refuses her offers of food and connection, and withdraws into the woods. In desperation she consults the village healer, who instructs her to obtain a missing ingredient for a special potion that will help the situation. The woman must make a treacherous climb up a mountain, and bring back a single hair from a black bear with a white crescent moon on its throat.

     The woman spends many nights on the mountain, placing bowls of food at the bear's cave entrance. Night after night the bear roars angrily before taking the food. Finally the woman approaches the bear and pleads that he allow her to pluck a single hair from his throat. But when she dashes down the mountain to bring the hair to the healer, the healer promptly throws it into a fire! The healer explains this action by saying, "Remember each step you took to climb the mountain? Remember each step you took to capture the trust of the crescent moon bear? Go home now with your new understandings and proceed in the same ways with your husband."

     As in all symbolic stories, as well as our nighttime dreams, every character in the story represents a part of us.  This story does not imply that you should be patient with an abusive person in your life! It is never OK for anyone to treat you abusively.  Likewise, healing rage requires that we not be abusive toward ourselves, because abuse destroys trust. In the story, the husband is not abusive toward the wife. Rather, he refuses to receive anything, including food and love, as he completely withdraws.
  • The husband is the part of us that is traumatized and angry. It is the part that can close off in victimization, holding onto the rage. 
  • The wife is our loving, patient and compassionate self. 
  • The healer is our inner wise self. 
  • The mountain represents the journey of healing, a journey that has ups and downs.
  • The bear is the naturally-wild nature of our authentic self.
  • The crescent moon is the part of the lunar creation cycle when something new is emerging from below the surface, about to be born.
  • The throat of the bear represents the throat energy center, the energetic "avenue of expression" that when opened, facilitates healing.
  • The fire represents that alchemical moment when energy changes states...from disrupted to flowing; from disempowered to empowered.
What doesn't work to heal rage:
  • suppressing rage
  • harboring rage
  • burning others with our rage
What does work to build trust with our angry self:
  • patience
  • compassion
  • acceptance
What harmonizes, empowers and restores our energy flow is a willingness to:
  • express
  • release
  • learn 
 Let's put these empowering steps into 3 specific actions:

3 Tips for Healing Rage

1. Express through Vocalizations.  Vocalizations are a wonderful way to use your voice for healing by opening the throat chakra, or energy center. Connect with your wise, patient, loving and compassionate self. Take a deep breath, open your mouth, and give yourself permission to allow any sound that wants to express to come out. Or you can have a healthy tantrum.

2. Release through Forgiveness.  A simple but powerful prayer that you can use for forgiveness of yourself or anyone who has hurt you is the Ho' oponpono Prayer.

3. Learn through Journaling. You can also give your rage a voice by writing about your rage. Connect to your inner healer and give your rage permission to speak. Agree to be the unconditional witness. This means that no matter what your rage has to say, do not judge it. What does it have to tell you? Build trust with the crescent moon bear within you and see what it has to teach you.

     These steps can be like climbing a mountain. But through willingness, patience, and consistent use of vocalizations, the forgiveness prayer and journaling, healing can be activated... and a new state of being born.

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