Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Why I Quit My Public Social Media...and 4 Ways to Take Your Power Back From Yours

         "Illuminate the things that are vying for your time, your energy and your love that leave you feeling empty. Seek liberation from the bindings that are keeping you trapped and untether yourself."                                    ~ The Devil Card, The Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne

      I use oracle cards and tarot cards as divination tools, conducting readings for myself on a regular basis. These tools are an ancient practice for facilitating spiritual guidance used by those seeking knowledge and inspiration.

     Last year the Devil card began consistently appearing in my card spreads. In Tarot, the Devil card is associated with addiction -- the vices we use to escape the mundane like alcohol, drugs, work, codependent relationships, etc. I don't engage in any of those vices, so I wasn't sure what the card was speaking to. Nevertheless, the Devil card continued to show up in my readings. And then it dawned on me...

  • Addictive & Time Draining. The truth is, I had become addicted to social media and its empty promises of business success and personal connection. I would lose literally hours of my day scrolling through feeds in a numbed-out trance. Social media is designed to be addictive. The more time you spend on it, the more advertising you are exposed to, and the more money the social media platform makes. 

  • Energy Draining. I have to admit that the first thing I did when I woke up in the morning, before I even got out of bed, was check my social media feeds. What you do in the first moments of your day sets the direction of your energy. By going straight to social media, I was setting my day in a direction of energy drain and low energetic frequency. 
  • Distracting. Social media scatters your energy and can keep you stuck on the surface by distracting you, feeding your ego or playing on your fears. By doing so it drowns out your inner, intuitive voice and diverts you from your purpose. 
  • Compare & Despair. Social media creates peer pressure, invites comparisons, and fosters insecurity. I felt continual pressure to post, and at times was triggered into feeling "not good enough." 
Take Your Power Back

     Whether or not you decide to delete or quit your social media accounts, you can take your power back by restructuring your time and undoing the negative energetic effects of social media. 

  • Set Intention. The first moments of your day are a precious time for meditation and intention-setting. You can take control of your energy and your life by making a list of what you are grateful for and saying affirmations. Here are 4 Steps to Setting Intention.
  • Seek Depth. Instead of maintaining a large number of superficial relationships on social media, try focusing on quality over quantity by deepening one relationship in your life, or going deep with one spiritual practice. 
  • Focus your Energy.  If you don't delete or leave your social media accounts, try deleting the apps you use to access your accounts. If you have to sign in manually, you are less likely to use them, leaving more energy available to invest in your growth and evolution. Here are tips for How to be More Focused and Present.
  • Raise your Energetic Frequency. Using practices such as deep breathing for ten minutes at a time, engaging in healing movement, and spending time in nature all raise your energetic frequency and offset the low-frequency effects of social media.
     In the months since I quit my public social media accounts, the Devil card has not appeared a single time in my tarot card spreads! It's amazing how much more productive I've been, and how much my growth has accelerated once I was untethered and liberated from the addiction of social media. 
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