Friday, March 25, 2016

How to Be More Focused and Present: Get Grounded!

     "Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet."  ~ Thich Nhat Hanh, You Are Here: Discovering the Magic of the Present Moment

     When I "woke up" and began my healing journey in 1992, I became aware of how completely ungrounded I was.  An energy healer I went to at that time told me that my spirit body was pulled up and above my physical body.  I was not "present" in my body from the waist down. This would cause me to feel scattered and "lose time" -- episodes where I had no memory of the previous few minutes because I was not present or conscious. I also felt pain and numbness in my lower body, although I was not fully aware of even this until I began working with this healer.  

What Causes Your Energy to be Ungrounded?

     Our physical, spiritual, emotional and mental selves are one. However, past physical or emotional traumas can cause us to live unintegrated, as if our selves are separate. This can cause us to focus on the past and become fearful about the future, which takes us out of the present. Unresolved trauma (which almost everyone has), can also cause us to "self-medicate" and numb our emotional and physical pain with over-consumption of food, substances, and digital entertainment, including social media. We also tend to be ungrounded because we live in insulated homes and wear insulated shoes that separate us from the Earth.

The Trend

      Most people I have worked with are ungrounded. They are not in their body from the chest down, the waist down, or the knees down. As they have awakened, their focus has become more spiritual and less physical, which pulls them out of their body.  They perceive being in their body as heaviness and pain.  But not being in the body actually causes pain!  The more grounded and present you are in your body, the lighter and less pain you will feel.

     It is vitally important that as you integrate with your spirit self that you concurrently integrate with your physical self to maintain balance and presence. This can be done through daily grounding exercises.

How to Get Grounded

  • Intention: Simply by having the intention of being fully in your body, you become more fully in your body!  Intend that your spirit inhabit your body down to the bottoms of your feet, and that your spirit infuse every cell of your body. 
  • Take a walk while focusing on the sensation of your feet contacting the ground.
  • Take your shoes off as much as possible and get them on the bare ground.
  • Use the grounding exercises below.
         Pyramid Technique

     Imagine that you are sitting on the ground inside a pyramid. Now imagine that below you under the ground is a mirror image of the pyramid.  Deep breathe as you visualize this for several minutes.


     Anchoring to the Earth

     Close your eyes and focus on your lower dantien. This is a point three finger-widths below your navel -- your physical center of gravity. Imagine dropping a column of light from that point to the center of the earth, and anchoring it there. Now visualize a column of light from your lower dantien to your heart center, located at the center of your upper chest. Lastly, bring the column of light up to your third eye, located in your forehead between the eyebrows.  This is the center of your intuition.

     You can also enhance your grounding through drumming.  Click HERE to learn more. Another very important grounding practice with numerous health benefits is Earthing.


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