Sunday, March 22, 2015

How to Feel Enough

     "You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody." ~ Maya Angelou, And Still I Rise

     Do you feel not good enough?  If so, you aren't alone.  Most people don't feel good enough. You may wonder what causes it and how to change it.  

     Feeling "not enough" is a result of disrupted, incoherent energy.  Moment to moment, we are either living life from our wounds (the lower self), or living life from our higher self. Simply put, the energy state of the lower self is disrupted, incoherent, and unhealthy, while the energy state of the higher self is flowing, coherent, and healthy.

     When we are living from our lower self, nothing feels enough because our disrupted energy produces that feeling. In this disrupted energy state, we don't feel like we are enough, we don't feel like we are doing enough, we don't have enough money, not enough energy... not enough of anything! Everything feels lacking.  Even the word "enough" may feel lacking.  You may say, "I want to be more than enough!" But isn't enough... enough?

     We feel like we have to be more than enough because we are seeking relief from our disrupted energy state.  But exaggerating our "enoughness" doesn't correct disrupted energy. We can't compensate by seeking to be "more."  Relief from disrupted energy comes when you shift to your higher self.

       In your higher self, you are at the center of your being. At your center, life ceases to feel too much or not enough, because all is in perfect balance. In that state, energy is coherent and there is no sense of lack. 

     Here is a healing affirmation to help you:

     "Even though I don't feel good enough, I am willing to consider that this is only because I am not connected to my enoughness at this moment."

     This affirms the truth, that you are always enough even when you don't feel it.


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