Sunday, December 1, 2019

How to Feel Safe When Your Life Feels Like it is Falling Apart

     "Sometimes the worst thing that happens to you, the thing you think you can't's the thing that makes you better than you used to be." ~ Jennifer Weiner, Fly Away Home

     If you are a highly sensitive person, an empath, and/or a lightworker.... likely you are experiencing periods of ascension symptoms as you upgrade to higher frequency energy. This is happening for all of us who feel called to make the world a better place.  Because these upgrades in your energy systems are needed to facilitate and actualize your life purpose.

     As we grow and ascend, these energetic upgrades can at times look and feel like your life is falling apart. This can be a relationship falling apart, your financial situation falling apart, your health falling apart, your job falling apart -- or any other life situation falling apart. Or you may feel a generalized sense of disintegration that you can't attribute to any specific life event.  

     When we experience this, the inclination is often to STOP the pain and disintegration by trying to mentally figure out what is causing it, and try to hold it together. But that only serves to keep us stuck IN the falling apart stage. The way THROUGH the pain and to a sense of safety is by allowing the process to unfold and observing it. 

Getting to the Safety of the Higher Self

     What do I mean by observing? When you observe, you "watch" what is happening to you from a higher vantage point rather than being IN the falling apart. It is the lower self that is IN the falling apart. It is the higher self that is observing the falling apart. For example, if the lower self is the part that is drowning, the higher self is the part that is in the safety of the boat, observing what is happening to the drowning part -- and throwing a life preserver.   

     Instead of being the one who is falling apart, become the one who is observing the falling apart. In fact, that's a perfect affirmation. Say it out loud with me:

I am the one observing the falling apart
    Here's the most important part of observing: Observe free of any agenda.

This means:
  • Observe free of any expectations. 
  • Observe free of any judgment. 
  • Observe the falling apart with the same detachment as if you are watching a building demolition from a safe distance.

     It is important to shift out of looking at everything that happens to us as something "bad." The messages we receive in our dreams are not "bad." The synchronistic and serendipitous events that happen in our lives are not bad omens and warnings. Everything that is happening in this incredible shift of the ages is a miracle! Shifting out of fear-based eyes and looking through the eyes of someone who recognizes daily miracles will help you see the big picture. Whatever is happening in your life, even if harsh, is exactly what is needed for you to wake up and remember why you are here, and what you came here to do.

     I am the one who recognizes miracles big and small happening in my life. 

Tips for Higher-Self Observing

     Here are some tips to help you get into higher-self mode by observing how this falling apart is affecting you on every level. 
  • Physical. What do you notice about your body? Is it tense? Where is it tense? Can you take a deep breath?
  • Mental. What do you notice about your thoughts? Are they negative? Are they spinning?
  • Emotional. What do you notice about your emotions? Are you feeling grief, anger, fear or shame? Notice the intensity. Breathe into that emotion for several minutes and notice if it changes. 
  • Spiritual.  What do you notice about your spiritual state? Can you feel a sense of connection and support? Or do you feel isolated and alone? 
     By observing your state of being, you shift to the higher-self position where support, insights and solutions flow. By observing, you are in a position to help yourself by becoming your own lifeline. By observing the falling apart, you allow the process to unfold. You allow what no longer serves your highest good to dissolve and crumble. And then the Phoenix can rise from the ashes.

     For more information about observing, read What To To When You Feel Lost

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