Tuesday, April 30, 2019

5 Reasons Why Being a Highly Sensitive Person is a Really Good Thing

     "...Eleanor Roosevelt, Al Gore, Warren Buffett, Gandhi and Rosa Parks achieved what they did NOT in spite of, but because of their introversion." ~ Susan Cain, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

    Are you a "sensitive," also known as a highly sensitive person (HSP)? Are you sensitive to sights, sounds and smells? Are you creative, intuitive, and subject to strong emotions and vivid dreams? Do you dislike "small talk" -- but love music, nature, art and beauty? If you are a sensitive, there is a 70% likelihood that you are also an introvert.  In which case you are in good company with some of the most influential people in the world.

     The idea that successful and influential people could be introverts may come as a surprise to you. This is because with the rise of the "extrovert ideal" in the West in the last century, introversion came to be seen as a problem to be "fixed."  The truth is sensitive introverts are the artists, writers, scientists, thinkers, and problem-solvers of the world. And although we tend to equate leadership traits with extroverts -- introverts are leaders as well.

5 Reasons Why Being Sensitive is a Really Good Thing 
  • 1. Sensitives are highly creative: We need intuitive and creative solutions to a myriad of problems in the world. And sensitive introverts are the idea people who come up with solutions that lead to breakthroughs that benefit mankind.
  • 2. Sensitives are highly observant. When we observe, we are in the position of the higher self -- which gives us access to deep wisdom. Because of this trait, and their persistent nature -- introverts are excellent students who outperform extroverts in both high school and at the collegiate level. 
  •  3. Sensitives have a strong conscience. They are authentic, empathic, and have a highly-tuned moral compass. They are more likely to go out of their way to avoid aggression and seek out peaceful solutions that make the world a better place. 
  • 4. Sensitives are effective. Sensitives think before they speak, and take actions that are well thought-out and accurate. But most important to their effectiveness is their ability to channel energy toward a goal with "quiet persistence." 
  • 5. Sensitives are leaders. Extroverts may be in positions of authority because they talk a good talk, but their ideas aren't necessarily substantive. They are better at leading people who are passive. Sensitive introverts are better at leading people who are proactive and take initiative, rather than those who would blindly follow a fast-talking, opinionated or domineering leader.
     Although it's advantageous for introverts to adopt some extrovert skills to facilitate the sharing of their powerful ideas, it is equally advantageous for extroverts to adopt more introverted traits! Extroverts can benefit from learning to listen, and observing and reflecting before speaking. Extroverts can also benefit from pausing, inwardly processing, and growing from life's difficulties.

3 Requirements for a Sensitive Introvert to be Successful in an Extrovert-Dominated Society
  • 1. Quiet. Sensitive introverts function best in a home and work environment that is quiet with minimal distractions. Interruptions are directly associated with decreased productivity and impaired memory. 
  • 2. Solitude. Although corporate America emphasizes teamwork, solitude is required for the expression of creativity that leads to innovation. Sensitive introverts especially need personal space to facilitate focus and effectiveness. 
  • 3. Down time. Sensitives need time to clear their energy and rejuvenate after a hectic day. Socializing after work can actually further drain them. The best environment for recharging is in the harmonizing energetic rhythms of nature.

Your Life Purpose

    Actualizing your purpose in life includes embracing your authentic nature. For a sensitive, that includes embracing sensitivities and all the positive traits that come with it. Because the world needs your gifts of intuitiveness and creativity to express for the benefit of all! Advocate for what you need to be effective. Your health and well-being depend on it.  Because when you try to fit in, it creates disharmony in your energy systems. And the state of your energy determines the state of your health.

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