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How to Discover Your Life Purpose

     "When astrology is approached from a level of true open-minded understanding, it leads directly to unconditional love."  ~ Jan Spiller, Astrology for the Soul

     Would you like to learn more about your life purpose? Your life purpose is ruled by the astrological sign position of the North Node at the time of your birth, and the astrological sign that rules the house that the North Node was in at the time of your birth.

     I am not an astrologer in the traditional sense, as I do not do readings for individuals. But I incorporate astrology into everything I do as an energy healing entrepreneur. I follow the mathematically-based system of astrology built on thousands of years of observation because of the energetic effects the movements of the planets have on us and our lives. Many astrologers believe that your North Node is the single most important point in your chart because it can connect you to your destiny.

     The North Node is like the North Star of your life - guiding the unfolding of your soul during your lifetime.  If you know the two signs that rule your North Node, you know what to focus on to experience happiness and fulfillment of your life mission.

Discovering Your North Node

     I will give you a link and instructions to identify the basic information you need to understand your purpose. But for a more thorough exploration of your north node, I recommend the book Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller. At the front of the book, locate the sign of your North Node by finding your birth date within the time frames on the chart. Then read the section on that sign in the book.  It will help you identify:
  •  a career path
  •  attributes to develop
  •  tendencies to leave behind
  •  past life aspects
  •  conflicts and needs
  •  relationship issues
  •  goals
   The book cannot tell you what house your north node is in.  But you can identify BOTH the sign of your north node and the house it is in HERE. Enter the month, date, year, time and location of your birth. If you do not know the time of your birth, you can only identify the sign of your north node, not the house it was in, since the north node travels through all 12 houses each day.

  In the results, you will see a circular chart, divided into 12 sections like pieces of a pie. These are the "houses." The houses are numbered 1-12.  You will see the numbers near the center of the circle.

     Now look for this symbol:

 Which house does the north node symbol appear in? In this screenshot, the symbol is in the 9th house:

     Now look at this list to identify which sign rules that house:
  • 1st house:   Aries (independent innovator)
  • 2nd house:  Taurus (master builder)
  • 3rd house:   Gemini (connecting communicator)
  • 4th house:   Cancer (instinctive nurturer)
  • 5th house:   Leo (creative leader)
  • 6th house:   Virgo (compassionate healer)
  • 7th house:   Libra (empowering collaborator)
  • 8th house:   Scorpio (passionate transformer)
  • 9th house:   Sagittarius (intuitive teacher)
  • 10th house: Capricorn (empathic manager)
  • 11th house: Aquarius (unconventional networker)
  • 12th house: Pisces (spiritual seeker)
    If you don't have Jan Spiller's book, you can identify which sign the north node was in with that same link.  In the results, look at the list of planets to the left of the circular chart.  Look for the words "True Node."  To the right of those words will be the sign, abbreviated to 3 letters. (Ari is Aries, Tau is Taurus, Gem is Gemini, etc)

    Now you know the two signs that rule your life purpose -- the sign that was in the North Node position when you were born, and the sign that rules the house that the North Node was in. Studying the sections in the book for these two signs will give you the full picture of your life purpose.

     If you don't have the book, I have included a two-word description next to each sign as it relates to purpose. For example, I was born when the north node was in Libra, in my 9th house ruled by Sagittarius. Putting together the two-word descriptions, this means that my life purpose is to be an intuitive teacher who empowers, uplifts and collaborates with others.

Surprising Results

     You may be surprised by what is revealed about your purpose, because the two-word description I use may not seem to describe you! This is because your purpose is not necessarily what comes easily to you. It may be something you actually struggle with. But if you choose to live your life in the direction of your purpose, the growth that occurs by doing so will reveal your hidden gifts and talents.

     For example, if your North Node is in Capricorn, your tendency is likely to look to others to tell you what to do.  But if you choose to take charge, you will find you actually have a gift for understanding and managing yourself, others, organizations, etc.  If your North Node is in the 3rd house ruled by Gemini, you may struggle with communicating and connecting to others. However, your efforts in those areas will reveal you are actually gifted at both!

Living Your Purpose

     The reason why it is important to know the two signs that rule your life purpose is this: When you aren't living your life in alignment with your purpose, it can be like swimming upstream - exhausting and ineffective. Success in life comes through working in cooperation with your soul's desires, not against! I share this from personal experience. My purpose is to collaborate with others, but I have an independent streak that makes this very difficult.  I have learned the hard way that continuing my independent ways is ultimately unsatisfying and unsuccessful.  Take it from me: make the 2-word description of your nodal sign and nodal ruling house sign your mantra, and life can become more ease-full!

Your Lightworker Purpose

     Lightworkers are individuals who are sensitive to energy and feel a calling to heal people, animals, or social and environmental issues. While most lightworkers are aware that they want to make a difference in the world, they can be uncertain as to what exactly they are here to do. If you are a lightworker (click HERE to read more about lightworker signs) it can be helpful to look at your nodal sign rulers to help guide you in your lightworker purpose.

     Here are 5 examples of lightworkers I know living their purpose, but keep in mind that your purpose is unique to you.  And you may have to break a few rules along the way to follow YOUR path, not someone else's.
  • A lightworker colleague with Cancer-Aquarian nodal rulers (instinctive nurturer-unconventional networker) has created an online network that supports lightworkers and shares their unconventional knowledge with the world. 
  • A lightworker client of mine with Taurus-Pisces nodal rulers (master builder-spiritual seeker) has built a successful spiritually-based coaching business.
  • Another of my lightworker clients with Capricorn-Libra nodal rulers (empathic manager-empowering collaborator) co-manages and empowers a group of creatives.
  • I know a lightworker with Sagittarius-Scorpio nodal rulers (spiritual teacher-passionate transformer) who teaches a course to those who seek to reconnect with their passion and transform their career after a job loss. 
  • I also know a lightworker with Virgo-Taurus nodal rulers (compassionate healer-master builder) who has built a sanctuary for the healing of abused animals. 
    The purpose of a lightworker often involves holding space for others -- sometimes holding space for large numbers of people, or large organizations. The ability to do this may require significant personal growth and evolution that involves a shift from living in fear and living small, to living from the heart and living big. Because of the inner work involved in this shift to living your unique and authentic life, finding your unique path, and healing from difficult life situations, some lightworkers do not achieve success in their purpose until later in life. Or that success may unfold as steps. Lightworkers can become frustrated with the process. If you are feeling frustrated, I have embedded links to numerous helpful articles in this paragraph! On the other hand, some lightworkers are born ready to actualize their purpose and start doing so from a very young age.  

     I hope you enjoyed discovering more about your life purpose! Looking at your personal numerology can also shed light on your purpose. Learn more HERE.

For more information about your personal north node astrology, consult a professional astrologer.

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