Monday, June 27, 2016

How to Heal Health Anxiety

    "Don't believe every worried thought you have. Worried thoughts are notoriously inaccurate."
           ~ Renee Jain, Tapping for Zapping Anxiety Away

     Do you have anxiety about your health? Do you tend to view your bodily symptoms as a sign of a serious or life-threatening issue? Do you worry excessively about the state of your health? I have worked with many individuals who have anxiety about their health. This type of anxiety can be caused by:
  • Being raised in a household with a caregiver who has anxiety about their health. When this behavior is modeled to us in our developing years, we can assimilate it. Sometimes we get more attention when we have health issues and then subsequently develop a belief that being sick gets you love. Having health issues then becomes a hidden agenda for getting love.
  • Trauma from health issues. When you have experienced a serious or life-threatening illness, or a health issue that severely impacted your quality of life, you can become traumatized by the experience. Once your sense of safety has felt threatened, you may unconsciously become hypervigilant about your health symptoms in order to feel safe. But being hypervigilant doesn't actually make you safe. It just creates more anxiety.
  • Unresolved past life issues about health. Not everyone who was exposed to anxiety about health during childhood, or who has experienced a debilitating health issue will develop anxiety about their health. Sometimes we come into this life with unresolved issues from the past. This creates a tendency to become very anxious when health issue symptoms do appear.

The Misplaced Focus

     To the person who has anxiety about their health, their primary focus is on their symptoms. The anxious person believes that they can relieve the anxiety by repeatedly getting reassurance from a source outside themselves that their symptom is not life-threatening. Instead of relying on their own instincts and intuition, they may frequent medical practices, urgent care centers and nurse advice lines for reassurance. However, the relief they feel upon being reassured that there is nothing seriously wrong with them is temporary. Because the reassurance does not alleviate the root cause of the anxiety.

     The primary issue for a person with anxiety about health is the anxiety, not the health symptom. Instead of looking for reassurance from an outside source, the person with anxiety is best served by looking for sources of information that will help them heal from the inside out.  Because true healing always occurs from the inside out, not from the outside in.  Being repeatedly reassured from exterior sources that your health is normal doesn't actually help you heal.  Healing happens when we can reassure ourselves from the inside by connecting with our instincts and intuition.

Internet Issues

     Individuals with anxiety about their health tend to look up their symptoms on the internet.  However, this can just increase their anxiety -- because no matter what your symptom is, there will always be a source on the internet that lists that symptom as a potential sign of serious illness! A person with anxiety would be better served by searching the internet for sources of information that heal their anxiety, rather than searching for their specific symptom. Information that initiates healing from within addresses the source of the issue. This will relieve the anxiety and create peace and calmness.  In a state of peace you can then connect with your instincts and intuition about the best course of action for your health. 

Sources of Healing

     Ascension. What appears to be a health issue symptom can actually be a sign of healing, growth, and ascension. You can read more about that here.

     EFT.  In my experience, I have found EFT to be the most effective technique to relieve anxiety.  A search on YouTube for EFT for health anxiety will yield a number of resources. Just tap online with the person doing the video.

     The Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is a powerful healing tool available to everyone. You can read my article on how to use the violet flame to clear fear here.

     Energy Healing. The state of your health is a reflection of the state of your energy. Energy healing is any energy-based modality that has a therapeutic effect on the state of your energy.  I have synthesized a unique blend of energy-based techniques, philosophies and principles to create Energypathy Healing®

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