Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Is Intuitive Counseling Right For You?

       "Each of us, as we journey through life, has the opportunity to find and to give his or her unique gift. Whether this gift is quiet or small in the eyes of the world does not matter at all -- not at all; it is through the finding and giving that we may come to know the joy that lies at the center of both the dark times and the light."  ~ Helen Luke,  The Way of Woman: Awakening the Perennial Feminine  

     Are you feeling confused or stuck in life? Are you a highly sensitive or highly creative person who feels misunderstood and seeks to go beyond a mental understanding of your issues? Are you interested in getting to the root of what troubles you through an intuitive approach? Are you willing to connect with deeper aspects of yourself? If so, you may want to try intuitive counseling.

Intuitive Counseling

     Intuitive counseling is a modality that can be found in a traditional psychotherapy practice, an energy healing practice, a life coaching practice, or any practice in which the practitioner accesses intuitive information for the benefit of the client. But how each individual practitioner connects with their intuitive gifts and conducts a session may vary.

     Some intuitive counselors make an initial connection with the client through some questions and prayers, and then close their eyes for the remainder of the session while they "channel" intuitive information -- with little or no verbal interaction with the client. Channeling is the act of serving as a conduit through which intuitive information flows through for the highest good. Other intuitive counselors use more verbal interaction. But rather than just "talking about" issues, an intuitive counselor tracks and reads the underlying energy patterns, and channels wisdom and practical steps for the individual to work with their issues.

Interactive Energy

     I used intuitive counseling in a very interactive way. This is because it was during the back and forth verbal dialogue I had with clients that I accessed my intuition. When a client answered my questions, I heard an intuitive response to what they were saying (clairaudience), as well as intuitive guidance for follow-up questions. I also felt a response to their answers in my body (clairsentience), and saw words or images (clairvoyance). This intuitive information showed me the nature of the client's energy patterns and the wounds that formed those patterns.

     When I sensed a disruption in their energy flow or a drop in their energetic frequency -- at the moment they spoke about a core limiting belief, I paid close attention to their words and encouraged further exploration in that direction.  I also used energy-based techniques to correct the disruptions in the moment, as well as approaches the client could use on their own after the session.

Staying In Your Body

     I have found that it is a challenge for individuals to stay in their bodies while they are talking. This is a common issue for many Westerners who often function primarily on the mental level. However, this "overly mental" state causes disconnection from the spiritual, emotional and physical. And we need to be connected with all that we are for optimal health and well-being.

     An intuitive counselor can detect when a client is not in their body and guide them back to their natural mental-emotional-physical-spiritual oneness. The intuitive counseling session can become the perfect opportunity to practice staying in the body while speaking. And then the client can integrate the experience of being in their body into their everyday life.

Connecting With Your Gifts

    We all have gifts, and a purpose related to those gifts. And our gifts are closely associated with our wounds. Intuitive counseling can help us work with our wounds, and reveal the connection to our gifts. When we lean into the pain of our wounds, we access our deeper selves, our compassion, and our spirit...all the parts of us that we need to manifest our purpose.

Healing in the Moment

     Healing happens in the present moment, so an intuitive counselor does not need much information about a client before the session. There's generally no need for a pre-session consultation, or to fill out a lengthy "client information" form.

     In my past work as an intuitive counselor, I preferred to avoid forming any preconceived ideas about a client's issues or what would work best for them.  I knew that all the energy and intuitive information required for their healing process at that moment would unfold in the moment.  

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