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5 Signs That You Are Experiencing Clairvoyance

     "As our sensitivities continue to awaken -- and the safer we feel with them -- the more we learn to expand our intuition to experience a range of wondrous perceptions." ~ Judith Orloff, M.D.,
The Empath's Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People

       When I was 16 years-old, I had a series of visions one summer while working on a remodeling project of my family home. I saw my future husband's hair color and eye color, clues about his first and last name, and the month, year and city when and where I would meet him. I also saw the month and year that we would be getting married. I assumed I was daydreaming as my mind wandered while doing boring physical work.

     Although I dismissed these visions, I didn't forget about them. So when I did meet my husband three years later at the time and location that I had seen, I was pretty freaked out! When his name and physical characteristics also matched my visions, I thought I might be a witch.

     We did indeed marry in the timeline I had seen, nearly 40 years ago. And since then, I've learned not to dismiss my visions as daydreams. I've also learned not to doubt my intuition. And if I am a witch, then I'm a good one! But what I know for sure is that I am intuitive, and one of my intuitive gifts is clairvoyance. I use my gifts every day in my personal life and in my professional life.

The Third Eye

     Clairvoyance is "clear vision," or an inner seeing beyond ordinary perception. This "non-ordinary" sensing occurs through the "third eye," also known as the sixth chakra.  The third eye is a major energy center located in the center of the forehead above the bridge of the nose, as depicted in the picture below. Through this chakra, we gather information from the universal energy field. Information-encoded waves of energy enter and leave the human energy system through each chakra. The third eye is the chakra through which we send and receive intuitive information.

5 Signs of Clairvoyance

    Here are five signs that YOU are experiencing clairvoyance:

     1. Dreams. Clairvoyants often have vivid dreams and daydreams. When you are asleep or in a mindful, meditative state, your right brain is dominant. And that right-brain dominant state facilitates visions. When your third eye is open, you remember the visions in your dreams.

     2. Unusual Vision. Clairvoyants can have unusual experiences of seeing flashes of light, instances of blurry vision, or seeing things in their peripheral vision that aren't there when they turn their head. Clairvoyants can also detect energy fields as colors around people or animals.

     3. Inner "Movies." Individuals with the gift of clairvoyance spontaneously translate spoken word into visions. While listening to verbal descriptions, they can vividly see what is described like a movie playing in their mind's eye. They can also can have accurate inner movies, or visual flashes of insight about the future.

     3. Inner Vision. Clairvoyants can work things out with their inner vision, visualizing a process or designing a project in their mind's eye. They can see each step of the process, as well as the finished project before they've even started. They can visually take things apart and see how they are put together by using their inner vision to problem solve.

     5. Visual Appreciation. Clairvoyant individuals love "feasting" on beauty with their eyes. They enjoy taking in the beauty of art, nature, and other visually-stimulating experiences.

5 Tips to Opening/Clearing Your Third Eye and Enhancing Your Intuition

     1. Keep a Dream Journal. Individuals with the gift of clairvoyance often receive messages in their dreams and have the ability to "lucid" dream. This occurs when we are aware that we are dreaming and can dialogue with dream characters. Here is an article I wrote with 3 tips to understand and work with your dreams.  Or watch the video version

     2. Practice Mindfulness.   It wasn't a coincidence that I had those teenage visions while doing "mindless" physical activity. Many years later I had another profound vision while folding laundry! This is because when we are focused on an activity that doesn't require our intellect, and when we are completely in the moment -- it's not that our mind is "wandering"... it is our mind emptying. When our mind empties of thoughts, it creates space for visions to come in that are beyond our mind. This is a form of meditation called mindfulness.

     3. Use a crystal. Placing a clear quartz crystal on your forehead while meditating or sleeping helps open and clear your third eye chakra. If you are having headaches in the area of your third eye, or increased sensitivity to light, clearing may be needed. A double terminated quartz crystal works best. This is a crystal that is naturally faceted, or "terminated" on both ends.  After using the crystal to clear your third eye, cleanse the crystal by washing it in water with added epsom salts, or place it in sunlight.

     4. Third Eye Breathing. One technique I use to open and clear the third eye is to breath as if I am breathing in and out of my third eye chakra. I demonstrate this is the video below.

     5. Fluoride-Free Toothpaste or Tooth Powder: The third eye chakra is associated with the pineal gland. Scientists have discovered that the pineal gland is a primary area of the body where fluoride accumulates. One of the many detrimental effects of this fluoride accumulation is pineal gland calcification, which deadens intuition. Fluoride is a highly toxic industrial waste product banned in most countries. Countries that do not fluoridate their water do not have higher levels of tooth decay.

       Drinking filtered water and using a fluoride-free toothpaste can reverse pineal gland calcification. I can tell you that the headaches in the area of my third eye that I suffered with every day for years stopped when I switched to a fluoride-free toothpaste! For more about holistic dental health, click HERE.  This information is provided for educational purposes only. It is up to you to make decisions about your own health care. 

    Individuals who experience clairvoyance are often empaths. Click HERE to find out if you are an empath. We are ALL intuitive, but empaths often need to develop their intuitive gifts, such as clairvoyance and clairaudience and claircognizance -- for use in their lightworker life purpose. Click HERE to find out if you are a lightworker.

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