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5 Signs that Hearing High-Pitched Frequencies is Spiritual Awakening

   "And sometimes when I wrote, I heard a high-pitched ringing noise in my right ear, or it felt full or turned beet red and very hot. This sent me running to an ear, nose, and throat doctor, who said I was fine and had perfect hearing. As it turns out, these ear symptoms can occur when Spirit is nearby. "
 ~ Kristina Grish, from Theresa Caputo's There's More to Life Than This

    Many of the clients in my practice are reporting instances of hearing high-pitched sounds in their ears. I have also noticed more and more posts on social media regarding this bewildering experience.

     I have been experiencing high-pitched sounds in my ears for years. During times of peak ascension symptoms, significant planetary transits, and events such as lunar or solar eclipses, high solar winds and geomagnetic storms -- hearing these high-pitched sounds can become a daily occurrence. (you can subscribe at to receive a monthly energy report about these occurrences)

     We are each responsible for our own health. So if you have persistent ringing in your ears, it is up to you to determine if  you need to investigate a cause that may require medical intervention. But the type of high-pitched sounds I'm talking about in this article are usually very brief, intermittent, and generally occur in only one ear.

   I would like to share some research I have done to better understand this issue.

The Holographic Ear

       We live in a holographic world, meaning that every part contains the whole. This is the basic energy pattern of all life. For example, with a few exceptions, every cell of your body contains your DNA, which is the code for reconstructing your entire body. This holographic pattern is not only found in the human body, but can also be found in our planet, our solar system, and our galaxy. Every "unit" of the fractal contains the patterns of the whole.

      The acupuncture points of the ears form the shape of the human body in miniature. This is known as "the little man in the ear."  In The Holographic Universe, author Michael Talbot writes, "Just as every portion of the hologram contains the image of the whole, every portion of the body may also contain the image of the whole." Indeed, the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands contain reflex points for every organ in your body. These reflex points form an outline of the whole body. Healing the whole body by working with these reflex points is the basis of the practice of reflexology.

     Talbot goes on to quote psychobiologist Dr. Terry Oleson, "The ear holograph is, logically, connected to the whole body." In other words, through your ears you again access to the whole. When  you have these experiences of high-pitched ringing in your ear, it is an opportunity to work with not only the whole of you, but the whole universe, as you are a part of that whole.

     In a sidenote, I want to add that others can gain access to your entire energy system through your ears. Have you ever had an experience where someone "talked your ear off," either in person or on the phone, leaving you feeling completely drained and exhausted? These are people who feel lost and powerless because they are operating from their disempowered small self. Consciously or unconsciously, they use excessive complaining to drain your energy system through your ears while you listen to their verbal drama. This helps them feel more powerful because they are siphoning your energetic power. Although they may feel better after talking to you, you will feel far worse! You can learn how to set boundaries to stop this from happening HERE.

Signs that Hearing High-Pitched Sounds is Spiritual Awakening

    Hearing high-pitched sounds is a sign that your intuition and hearing are opening, expanding and awakening.
       1.  Clairaudience. Clairaudience is the ability to hear voices, music or sounds that have no physical source. Hearing high-pitched frequencies is a sign that your clairaudient abilities are opening and expanding. Click HERE to read my article "5 Signs You Are Experiencing Clairaudience."
       2.   Hearing Higher Frequencies.  Humans are literally upgrading as a species. Our ability to hear higher frequencies is expanding. As we evolve, we are gaining the ability to hear sounds that were previously out of range of normal hearing.

       3.   Syncing with the Earth.  In our holographic world, we are a part of the Earth, and the Earth contains parts of us. As the energetic frequencies of the Earth accelerate, our frequencies adapt by syncing with the Earth's frequencies. When this syncing occurs, we experience it as high-pitched sounds in our ears.  Some believe that this syncing includes an upgrade of our DNA. This seems plausible when you consider that we are a fractal of the Earth.

      4.    Spirit Presence. From the book quote at the top of this article, we see that Theresa Caputo's co-writer experienced ear ringing while writing about Spirit! As we evolve and upgrade, our awareness of spiritual presence is enhanced. And the high-pitched sounds are a sign that you are detecting that presence. It's a form of communication that may include energetic downloads that enhance your intuitive abilities and your growth.

3 Tips for Working With Ear Ringing

     1. Create a filter. You have the power to dictate the terms of any spirit interaction by stating something like this out loud: "I give permission for spirit contact that is in my highest good. Any spirit presence that is not in my highest good must leave immediately." And then pay attention to any messages your receive.

     2. Use a crystal. Tuck a double terminated quartz crystal where you might hold a pen or pencil at the top of your ear. This is a crystal that is naturally faceted, or "terminated" on both ends. You will need a crystal smaller than the one pictured below to fit above your ear.  If the sounds in your ear are coming from the lower part of your ear, you can tuck the crystal under your ear lobe and tape in place with some cloth tape. After using the crystal in this manner, cleanse the crystal by washing it in water with added epsom salts, or place it in sunlight.

     3. Self-help craniosacral therapy. There are several self-help craniosacral techniques that balance the ears, jar and TMJ joint. Click HERE for a video demonstration of these techniques, or watch the video below:

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  1. How is it im almost 43, and used to think(because someone said it and i lausghed it off) that it was aliens lol like its not all the time sometimes more than others it happened last mth in my sisters room a few times (she passed 2 yrs ago) i mean 43 and im trying to figure this all out and wow i didnt realise that ever since i was a kid in silence it happened. Im considered adhd and i talk ALOT however am exhausted after hearind someone else talk all negative like just put out i need a major nap and cant function. Ugh i need guidence really bad

  2. Like i always kinda knewor wondered if there was somethingdifferent with me from my family and others. I have really wondered because i have had maybe 5 dreams all my life somehow communicating with my recently past family members but this weird off time ringing doesnt always happen but i wonder each time. How do i like really know what or who or any of that like i have really been wanting to get this rolling! Lol like truly! Many blessings thanks if you ever read this.


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