Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Poem for Grief: The You I Never Knew

    "Allow the sadness and emptiness to cleanse you and help you explore your loss in its entirety." 
~ Elizabeth Kubler Ross, On Grief and Grieving 

I didn’t know of you until you were already gone.
          I never laid eyes on you.
                  I didn’t even know your name.

And yet…I know you were beautiful.
         …I know you were perfect.
                 …I know you were pure love and light.

I sense you in the stillness.
            I sense you in the sadness.
                    I sense you in my heart.

Your life, however brief… matters.
          Your life, however small… means something.  
                    Your life, however invisible to the outside world… is worth grieving.

And so I honor you by speaking of you.
          ...I honor you by grieving for you.
                    ... I honor you by loving you…the you I never knew.

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