Tuesday, July 23, 2019

How to Stay Positive During Challenging Times

      "Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the most wonderful things that will ever happen to us." ~ Nicole Reed, Ruining You  

  I belong to a number of online communities of spiritually-minded individuals. Nearly every day I see posted questions like these:

  • Help! Mercury retrograde sucks! (or other retrograding planet) When is it going to END?
  • Help! Bad stuff keeps happening to me! How can I make it STOP?
  • Help! I feel so sad and negative and can't stop crying. How do I make this GO AWAY
    It is understandable to view life circumstances negatively. But why would we want an opportunity for insights to END? Why would we want an opportunity to grow and change your life for the better to STOP? Why would we want an opportunity to release the past and welcome a new beginning to GO AWAY? 

     When we make wishes and ask for things and strive for change -- "this" is the process to wish fulfillment and change. The retrograde is the path. The "bad stuff" happening is the path. The sadness can be the path. But we label the process as bad, awful, and negative because we are in our small self. 

Small Self Perspective vs Higher Self Perspective

     The small self is the part of us that thinks small and lives small.  It's the part of us that labels our experiences as bad, awful or negative.  When we are living as our small self, our energetic frequencies are low. The key to shifting to limitless higher self energy is to embrace your process with gratitude
  • Feeling sad and negative? You are releasing grief from something that no longer serves your life. Honor your grief. Thank whatever is leaving your life for what you learned from it, and let it go. 
  • Bad stuff happening? You are not cursed. You have done nothing wrong. You are not being punished. Those thoughts come from victim consciousness. Gratitude takes you out of victim consciousness. Lightworkers and empaths often have very difficult life circumstances that facilitate their life purpose. The "bad stuff" can actually help you fulfill your soul's mission. 
  • Annoyed with a retrograde? Start a gratitude journal to record all the insights and realizations coming your way! Give it time to unfold. What looks like a loss could become a gain. 

Loss Leads to Gain

     The planet Mercury rules communication and transportation. During Mercury's retrograde, we can have issues in those areas. During a recent Mercury retrograde, my adult daughter left her cell phone (communication device) on a plane (mode of transportation) and it was stolen. You may think she would be mad at the retrograde for causing this. Believe me, she was upset. But she also knows that all is not what it seems on the surface. 

     I happen to have my daughter's old cell phone from when she upgraded to her current phone.  I used it for business along with my personal cell phone. When my daughter's current phone was stolen, it made me realize that I almost never use the 2nd phone. I was delighted to return the phone to her and eliminate an unnecessary expense from my life, and save her the cost of replacing her phone. And this is another thing that happens during retrogrades. Something from the past can reappear in our life. 

     Whatever happens -- even the "bad stuff" -- is ultimately for the highest good. 

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