Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Why You Shouldn't Even Try to Fit In

     "It's not only OK to be different, it's awesome and admirable and courageous and heroic. It's your differentness that is your destiny and your happiness, and your differentness is what makes the world more interesting." ~ Bill KleinLife is Short 

     I'm writing this to tell you that... you don't have to fit in.  In fact, you shouldn't even try to fit in.  Because when you try to fit in, you cease to be YOU. You become some version of yourself. You become out-of-sync with your spirit. You create disharmony in your energy systems. And that disharmony affects your health. Because the state of your energy is a direct determinant of your health and happiness.

     You do NOT have to...
  • ... be someone you aren't so people will like you or accept you.  
  • ... pretend to like what other people like.  
  • ... go along with the status quo. 
  • ... avoid rocking the boat.   
  • ...desensitize yourself to live in an insensitive world.
  • ...turn off your intuitive gifts to adapt to a harsh environment.
  • ...grind down your square peg to fit in a round hole!  
  • ... dim your colorful, magnificent self.  
  • ... make yourself small and invisible to avoid being criticized.
Health Consequences

       The bottom line is this - trying to fit in can have a negative effect on your health, and over time this effect can be significant.  I've worked with people who were literally dying because they were living in complete opposition to who they really are. Once they stopped trying to fit in, their health was restored.

     If it is in your highest good, DO the following:
  • Rock the boat!
  • Determine your own value!
  • Be the square peg!
  • Be "big" if that is your true self!
  • Allow yourself to be visible and seen! 
  • Be your vibrant, unique, authentic self!
    If you are an empath or a lightworker, click HERE for tips on keeping your energy open and clear.

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