Saturday, August 19, 2017

Healing Charlottesville

    "The healing of our inner and outer relationships, and with it our full manifestation potential to unfold can only happen if both our Masculine and Feminine Spirit are healed within."
  ~ Jona Brandis

     "The blessing of letting go is creating and holding sacred space for healing." 
  ~ Debra L Reble, PhD, Soul-Hearted Partnership

     My husband and I met and fell in love in Charlottesville, Virginia nearly 40 years ago. We were two souls magnetically drawn to each other by our matching wounds.  For me, it was a deep wound of my feminine, the result of childhood sexual abuse. For him, it was a deep wound of his masculine from childhood medical trauma. We both have PTSD. And for all our adult lives we have taken turns holding the space for each other to heal.

     Today I realized that we are not just healing our own divine feminine and divine masculine. What we have carried is far beyond our own pain. What we are holding space for is not just for ourselves, but for the collective wounds of the feminine and masculine.

     How ironic that the beautiful city where we found love was the site of shocking violence and hate: Where a hate-filled man took the life of a peace-filled woman.

     I don't profess to know what it is like to be a man (or a woman) so angry and filled with hate as to join a hate group.  I don't profess to know what is it like to be a person of color, a Jew, a Muslim, a member of the LGBTQ community, or any other minority in the United States who fear for their lives. And because I do not know these things I have been silent and reluctant to have a voice on what is happening in my country, even when clients ask for my opinion.

    This is what I DO know. I know what it is like to be human and to be deeply wounded. And I know what it is like to heal from those wounds.  And so that is what I can offer to heal our inner Charlottesville.

    This is what heals: LOVE
  • Love the part of you that feels outraged, horrified, terrified and in grief
  • Love the part of you that feels hopeless and has lost faith
  • Love the part of you that is wounded
  • Love your feminine and love your masculine
  • Love the part of you that wants to hide
  • Love the part of you that feels hatred toward those who spread hate
    Shine your light. Open your heart. Spread your love. Be a source of peace in this world.

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