Friday, February 24, 2017

What To Do When You Feel Lost

       "The more we awaken and evolve toward greater health, the less we find ourselves responding to situations from a smallness of spirit. "  ~ Heidi DuPree,  Awaken Your Greater Health

    "There is a higher more powerful part of you. Your higher self ..." ~ James Van Praagh, The Power of Love

      I take my dogs for a hike to a local forested park several times a week.  I always bring my trail map, which I've highlighted with colored markers and sealed with laminating sheets.  But despite being prepared, it's surprising how many times I lose my way! It's an issue of perspective. Distances between markings that appear very small on the map can actually be a quarter of a mile apart. Indeed, when we feel lost, what we need is a greater perspective....the higher self perspective.

How to Recognize Your Higher Self

     When we feel lost in life, it can be helpful to talk to others who can give us another perspective.  Sharing with friends and family can reduce stress and create connection.  But all too often people will give you their opinion based on what they think is best for them, rather than what is best for you. A true friend will be a sounding board, redirecting you back to your inner wisdom and advising you to follow your heart. If you don't have someone like this in your life, here are some tips to finding your way to your higher self. Its a matter of knowing what to observe versus what to listen to.

      OBSERVE any thought or belief that makes you feel...
  • ashamed
  • embarrassed
  • guilty
  • doubtful
  • frightened
  • anxious
  • criticized or judged
                      ...without engaging or agreeing with it! 

     Do not argue with this thought, push against it or try to suppress it. Don't agree with it by using it as a basis for decision-making about yourself or your life. Doing so will get you lost because it is the voice of your small self! And as a small-self voice, it has a small perspective. Instead...

     LISTEN to and focus on any thought or belief that is consistently.
  • wise
  • loving
  • supportive
  • empowering
  • inspiring
     This is the voice of your higher self. You may experience it as a loving inner voice, gut feelings, or mental pictures that guide you. This is your internal compass that will help you find your way, pointing you in the direction that is in your highest good.  This is the voice to listen to when you feel lost.

     It takes consistent practice to observe your thoughts and beliefs and consciously choose to put your focus on those that are empowering. But the effort is well worth it, because it can reset your energy so that you attract more unconditionally supportive people in your life.


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