Monday, March 28, 2016

Reinventing Yourself At Any Age

       "The work of today is the history of tomorrow, and we are it's makers." ~ Juliette Gordon Low, First Girl Scout: The Life of Juliette Gordon Low by Ginger Wadsworth

   On a recent trip to Savannah, GA, the Juliette Low House came up on our CD-guided car tour of the historic district. Although I was a Girl Scout leader for 12 years, I forgot that the organization’s founder was born in Savannah. Girl Scouts from around the world make the pilgrimage to the Juliette Low house year round. Nine years after my Girl Scouts graduated from high school it seemed it was finally time to have my own pilgrimage. I had no idea how moving the experience would be.

Starting Over

    At 51 years old, Juliette Low was a childless widow dissatisfied with the aimlessness of her life. She sought a greater purpose, a more meaningful life. So she started over by immersing herself in founding a new organization for girls. At first a gathering of just 18 girls in 1912, Girl Scouts has grown into the largest organization in the world for girls and women, touching the lives of over 50 million. A stunning legacy for someone who entered her 50s feeling aimless and empty.  

     As I walked through the rooms of the house, I could feel Juliette Low's presence through the pieces of her art on display. An accomplished poet and artist, Juliette sketched, painted, sculpted and even created ironwork. Her pieces often reflected her love of nature. As I looked at Juliette's creations and listened to the tour guide relate her story, I felt deeply inspired. I recalled my time as a Girl Scout leader and could see how Juliette's passion had expressed through every project I facilitated and every new skill I taught my troop.

     Like Juliette Low at the time she changed her life, I am also in my 50s and reinventing myself as a teacher by starting an online school of energy healing. But truth be told, becoming a teacher is more an emergence of who I really am than a reinvention. And I'm sure it was the same for Juliette. In her later years she embraced who she really was -- an adventurous, generous spirit who wanted to help others in a big way.

It's Never Too Late 

      Are you dissatisfied with your life? What would you like to change? What would you do if money and time were no object? What would you do if you were brave? What small step could you take toward this vision today? 

      Juliette Low started with a  phone call to her cousin -"Come right over! I've got something for the girls of Savannah, and all America, and all the world, and we're going to start it tonight!"  Share your idea with those who will support you.  Let go of the past. Let go of regrets.

     If you would you like to discover more about your life purpose, click HERE. Keep in mind that if you are reading this when Mercury, Mars or Venus are in retrograde, it isn't a good time to launch something brand new.  But it is a good time to change the way you do things, to research and plan, or to pick up an idea you've already had and revise or renew it.  Its also a good time to do inner work and to let go of what is getting in your way. And then when these planets are direct...go for it!

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