Monday, March 14, 2016

How Focusing On Your Discomfort Can Become the Solution to Your Problem

     "The problem that you are trying to get rid of may, in itself, be the doorway to whole person healing."  ~  The Other Medicine That Really Works

     "...our vulnerability to suffering actually offers us the doorway to healing and life."  ~ Kent Sayler, Journey Into Truth

     What if the very thing that you are fighting against in your life was not a wall -- but a doorway?  What if you were to go toward your negative emotions - toward your life difficulties - instead of fighting against them? Sound crazy?  Here's the thing -- healing cannot take place in the energy of opposition.  Being "anti" keeps the difficulty in place.  You can't release fear, anger, sadness, guilt or shame if you are pushing against it. You can't heal anything with opposition.  And yet the Western medical system is almost entirely based on opposition!  Look at all the medications that are "anti" -- anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-histamine, anti-coagulants....and the list goes on.

     If you are like most people, you deal with some level of emotional and physical discomfort on a daily basis. You likely feel either sad, fear, anger, guilt or shame at some point during your day. You may feel empty and disconnected.  You may have repetitive negative thoughts. Your body may feel tight, achy, or painful. And you likely think these are the problems that you need to get rid of. To feel better you might engage in one or more of the following behaviors:
  • Distract yourself with TV or getting on the computer
  • Numb yourself with food, alcohol or other substances
  • Suppress the pain with a pill
  • Suppress your negative thoughts by immediately switching to positive thoughts
The Real Problem

   You may think your problem is the emotional, spiritual, mental or physical discomfort, and that engaging in the above behaviors is the solution... but its the other way around!  The problem is engaging in the above behaviors!  Why?  Because they don't work.  They don't get to root of the issue. And these behaviors can  actually create disease! Yes, emotional suppression is at the root of almost all disease. Even the conservative Center for Disease Control acknowledges this.

   I can tell you from my 20+ years of experience in alternative medicine and energy healing that most physical pain is emotional pain expressing physically!  So whether you are suppressing, numbing or distracting yourself from emotional pain, spiritual pain, mental pain or physical pain, its all the same - and it all comes from the same source.  A wounding.  

The Real Solution

      You may be wondering how your discomfort is the solution. Because it is the messenger. Once you stop fighting it, numbing it and suppressing it, you can receive that message. And the message is simply this: I am hurting.  Instead of saying "shut up!" to your pain, ask what will help. The solution is to go toward the hurt with loving, kind attention.

      In childbirth, if labor is intentionally stopped, the baby doesn't get born. If you intentionally stop your discomfort, your rebirth will not happen. Your healing will not happen. Your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental pain is very much like labor pains to birth a happy, healthier self.
  1. Start observing yourself with kindness.  This will put you in the higher self position. Do not feel sorry for yourself!  That will put you in the position of your lower self!
  2. Three times a day, close your eyes and observe.
  3. Scan you body head to toe.  Where do you hurt? Where do you feel empty? Where do you feel tense?
  4. What is your emotional state?  Sad? Mad? Fear? Guilt? Shame?
  5. Deep breathe for 10 minutes, imagining that your breath is going to wherever it is needed -- the tense places, the hurting places, the empty places, the sad places, the angry places, the fearful places, and the guilty places.
     If you do this 3 times a day, something amazing will happen. You will go through the doorway and find your wholeness within.

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