Wednesday, June 14, 2017

4 Steps to Setting Intentions

     "Our intention creates our reality."  ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer, The Power of Intention 

     A client recently asked me "What does it mean to set an intention?"  Excellent question! You may have heard the phrase "set an intention" and wondered what it really means, why it is important, and how you do it!

Being Clear

     Moment to moment, it's important to be clear about what your intention is in your actions and words. Because if you aren't conscious about your intention, your intentions are usually unconscious and feeding your lower self.  This is also known as having a "hidden agenda."

   It is important to be conscious of your intention, because energy follows intention. The lower self state of being is associated with compromised health, ineffectiveness and disempowerment.   The higher self state of being is associated with enhanced health, effectiveness, and empowerment.  So if you want to live an effective, healthy life - shine a light on your intentions and agendas! And then set your intentions from the heart for the highest good.

Hidden Agendas

     The area where I most frequently see hidden agendas at work regard actions that are meant to be "helpful." Here are some phrases I've heard that contain a hidden agenda.  I've included the unspoken, hidden agenda in parenthesis:
  • I'm only trying to help (myself)
  • I'm doing this for your own (my) good
  • This is the way I did it, so you should do it this way too (and feed my ego!)
     Are any of these statements truly from the heart and for the highest good?  NO!  In each case, the "helpful" person is actually making it about themselves and being defensive.  Defensiveness is a red flag indicator of the lower self.  I'm sure that making helpful actions about self wasn't the conscious intention, but that's the point! When you aren't conscious about what your intention is,  your lower self takes over!  If you truly want to be helpful, it should be about what the other person needs, not about what YOU want to give.

The Lower Self

    We make things about ourselves when we live in a lower self state.  In that state we feel powerless and will make attempts to feel more powerful.  But the power you seek comes from living from your heart - your higher self for your highest good.  

    I share this information with no judgment!  Judgment is also a red flag indicator of the lower self. The purpose of this article is to increase awareness, not to make you feel guilty or ashamed for your words or actions.

    If you recognize yourself in this article, and feel guilty or ashamed, let's stop for a moment. Take a deep breath, and say this: Even though I may have been making helping others about myself, and that realization makes me feel guilty or ashamed,  I love, accept and forgive myself.  I now choose to offer my help to others for the highest good of all.  Now let it go.

     Guess what?!  If you said that affirmation, you just set an intention!  It's that simple. You just stepped into your true power!

The Four Steps

    Setting an intention is:
  1. Bringing your words and actions into the light to see the truth 
  2. Acknowledging your feelings
  3. Accepting and forgiving yourself
  4. Making a choice for the highest good
   The first 3 steps are how to get clear about your intentions.  The 4th step, making a choice, is setting a conscious intention.

     You can see examples of hidden agendas every day in the media. You can see political leaders who say they represent the people, but whose decisions actually represent themselves. You can see people who say they care, but their actions are very uncaring. Yet the world is changing, and it begins with each of us becoming conscious of our intentions.  Don't underestimate the power of one person raising their consciousness.

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