Monday, April 4, 2016

How to Change Your Energy Vibration

       "The way you talk about yourself and your life - your story - has a great deal to do with what shows up in your day-to-day experience. If you think of yourself as a find plenty of evidence to support that viewpoint."  ~ David Emerald Womeldorff, The Power of TED (The Empowerment Dynamic)

     I have four animals in my home who form a pack. The alpha female of the pack is my cat Penny, and boy does she let you know her place in the home! She assertively announces her presence to anyone who visits. When I'm working on my laptop at my desk, she uses her paws (with claws extended!) to pull my face toward her, demanding my attention. The dogs are afraid of her! Penny does not hesitate to remind them that she is Queen. If they dare walk too close to her, they get a swat across the face.

      This is Penny amidst my potted plants, Queen of the table-top jungle.

     Next in the pack hierarchy comes Stanley the dog, who is dominant over Lexi the dog. And at the bottom of the pack, the omega male, is Tony the cat.

     Tony is a huge, beautiful Maine Coon afraid of his own shadow. When anyone comes to the house, he usually hides. Although Tony is bonded with Penny, with the dogs it's a different story. For seven years Tony has been afraid to come into the kitchen because of the dogs. There are gates in place to keep the dogs in the kitchen-family room to prevent them from attacking Tony. But the dogs will charge toward Tony through the gates, seemingly unprovoked. This just terrifies him.

     Here is Tony in his usual position, lounging on his favorite blanket.

     You may say, "Poor Tony," and wonder -- why are the dogs being so "mean" to him? But Tony is not a victim. Tony is a creator. More about that later.

What Vibration Are You In?

     I know a lot of people who feel like Tony, who cannot understand why people mistreat them, and violate their boundaries with unsolicited and unwanted advice. They don't understand why people seem to think they aren't competent enough to make their own decisions.The reason people treat you the way they do is because they are unconsciously reading your energy. If your energy is vibrating in unsure and uncertain, this attracts advise. If your energy field is contracted and pulled in due to insecurity, others with automatically fill what they perceive as a void by extending themselves into your space. Just like the dogs charge toward Tony.

     There is nothing wrong or bad with whatever state your energy vibrates in. And there's nothing wrong or bad with how people react to your energy vibrations. Because there's no judgement in energy! The point of all this is this: The way people react to you gives you valuable information!  It shows you what vibration you are putting out into the world. And once you realize what you are vibrating in, what was unconscious becomes conscious and you can do something about it.

The Choice is Yours
     You have two choices in how to react once you realize the state of your energy...judgment or acceptance. If you judge yourself for your unsure vibration, you keep your energy contracted and your frequency low. If you accept yourself unconditionally, this will expand and center your energy. Because your natural state is to be in your heart and acceptance centers you in your heart. The choice is yours. Because you are the creator of your own life.

     Here's an affirmation: Even though my energy has been vibrating in ______, I choose to change it by lovingly accepting myself. 

Remembering the Truth

     When my daughter was home for Christmas, she spent a lot of time with Tony. She told him what a courageous and brave kitty he is, pumping him up and repeatedly bringing him to the other side of the kitchen gate. I was astonished to find that after her visit, Tony's behavior completely changed. My daughter's loving attention and acceptance had shifted his energy. It was as if she helped him remember who he really is. Now the dogs no longer charge him. When I open the gate, he walks into the kitchen right past the dogs, completely confident in himself.

     For seven years Tony had lived through a false premise about himself, that he was a prey animal. Tony had forgotten that he is a feline, descended from the big cats -- master predators just as powerful as the wolves that the household canines descended from. Tony had been creating attack by putting out a prey vibration, but now that he remembers who really is, his changed energy vibration creates safety.

     What false belief do you have about yourself?  Have you forgotten who you really are? The truth is, no matter what has happened to you, no matter what has been done to you and no matter what you think you've done -- you are whole, complete and valuable -- always and forever.

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