Monday, January 18, 2016

The Significance of Synchrony

    "Synchrony happens once you let the universe continuously flow through you, not when you try to fit in its flow."  ~ Roxana Jones, Live From Your Heart and Mind

     One day while I was biking, I entered a walking tunnel under one of the streets in my community. At the far end of the tunnel was a couple walking side by side, silhouetted against the light streaming in from the opening. And then I  noticed...they were walking in perfect synchrony. Their legs moved and their arms swayed side to side at exactly the same time.

     I was so mesmerized, I stopped my bike to watch. I wish I had taken a video! But I was too caught up in the moment, because when we are in the presence of synchrony, we become synchronous ourselves. We become anchored in the present moment.

     It was apparent to me that this couple were in sync in more ways than their movements.  Their movements were likely a reflection of a body-mind-spirit synchrony in their relationship.

     Health is an expression of synchrony. When our body systems and energy systems work in synchrony, we feel calm, centered, balanced and present, and we experience higher levels of health. When our energy systems are out-of-sync, we are in disharmony. We live from the wounds of the past and feel anxious about the future. We can feel tense, chaotic, reactive and dull, and our health suffers.

     Synchrony isn't something you have to create, manufacture or search for. It's your natural state of being. When you are around people you feel in sync with, or in synchronous environments, you automatically revert to your natural state. This works because of wave resonance.

     To experience synchrony, spend time in nature, preferably outdoors. Try observing:
  •  the movement of trees in a breeze
  •  a flock of birds flying in the sky
  •  fish swimming in a pond or an aquarium
     You can also experience synchrony by listening to nature:
  • rhythmic ocean waves
  • birds chirping
  • insect sounds 
    The health benefits of these activities are well-documented, especially "Aquarium Therapy."

     I hope you try out one of these activities to create synchrony and health within yourself, and with the people in your life. 

                                            (with cool nature video clips!)
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