Sunday, August 7, 2022

How to Spot a Healing Scam

          "Good things take time, as they should. We shouldn't expect good things to happen overnight. Actually, getting something easily or too soon can cheapen the outcome."                                                    ~ John Wooden, A Game Plan for Life

     Recently a reader reached out to me asking my opinion on whether a healing organization was legit. Perhaps you would also like to know more about how to spot a healing scam. 

     From my decades of experience working as an energy healing practitioner, and authoring two award-winning energy healing books, I personally would be leery of any organization or individual that...

  • organized around the healing abilities of a single person who is elevated to guru level or saint-like status. These can be personality cults promoting an idealized image of a healer.
  • miraculous cures that they alone can provide.
  • ...creates exclusivity by requiring one to become a financial donor to qualify for "advanced" membership for access to "elite" healing classes.
  • ...has attracted a huge social media following through flashy pictures and trite messages with little substance behind it. 
  • ...causes disempowerment by suggesting someone or something outside of yourself holds the power to heal you.
  • their way is the only true path.
  • ...sells objects or spells purported to have magical healing powers that require no action on your part. 
  • ...incites fear and urgency over what will happen if you don't purchase their product or service.
     If you are suffering, the idea of a passive, miraculous cure can be very appealing. But the promise of miraculous healing is akin to a "get rich quick" scheme. Do people get rich quickly? Yes, if they win the lottery or their product goes viral -  both highly unlikely. Do people experience miracle cures? Yes, but that is also unlikely. Sometimes healing can happen in the form of a quantum jump -- a sudden leap from one state of being to another, with no discernible process in between. But usually a quantum jump occurs within the context of a longer process, similar to the saying, "It was an overnight success ten years in the making!" 

     Here are some basic premises of how healing works:
  • Healing is a transformational process, not a destination.
  • Healing is the process of shedding the lower self and shifting to your higher self - who you really are.
  • Becoming your authentic self can be a lifelong process.
  • Healing is governed by natural laws
  • Healing occurs through consistent action over time.
  • Healing unfolds in a safe space facilitated by a trusted guide.
  • Healing works best when you are an active participant in the process.
  • Healing happens from the inside-out when your natural inner healing forces are activated.
  • Healing is a function of raising energetic frequency and enhancing energetic flow, which can require releasing belief patterns and self-concepts that disrupt your energy and lower your frequency. 
  • Healing is a process that often includes exploring your shadow. 
  • Your healing process is unique to you and may not look like the process of anyone else. 
Popularity Does NOT Equal Legitimacy!

     It is human nature to assume that if your friends and family members trust a certain person, organization or product -- then it must be legit. Peer pressure is real, a fact that scammers count on it.  It can be very challenging to NOT join in what others are flocking to. But what is drawing your friends and family to unscrupulous individuals and organizations can be an appeal to their lower self, or ego. 

     Developing your power of discernment by listening to your intuition is often a trial and error process. We learn from our mistakes. Many times in my life, people have recommended an individual, a program or a product that I didn't get a good feeling about. In each instance, something felt off, but I joined in anyway. Years later -- when these individuals, programs or products were exposed as not being who or what they claimed to be -- my initial intuition was validated. I have found one of the keys to happiness is trusting your gut instincts. Your instincts come through your higher self and help guide you to what is authentic and of a high vibration. 

      Healers are often highly sensitive empaths, and roughly 70% of sensitives are introverts. But even though the majority of healers (and writers) are introverted, they can be overlooked in favor of popular extroverts. Individuals and organizations that are popular don't necessarily offer higher quality, they are simply more successful at getting attention! If something feels off, trust that feeling. 

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