Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Why it's Important to Listen to Your Intuition

     "Trusting your inner wisdom and taking action helps to strengthen your intuition muscle." 
~ Sheree Franklin, Intuition: The Hidden Asset Everyone Should Learn How to Use

     Many of the clients I have worked with are afraid to trust their intuition. They fear that the intuitive messages they receive are just a bunch of "hot air." Or they think their intuition is just blowing smoke up their...well, you get the idea. It's important to know that doubts and fears about intuition are coming from the lower self.

Fear....or Love

     The lower self is the part of you that operates on fear. It is your child self and as such is small-minded, unaware and unconscious. The lower self is associated with low energetic frequency and compromised health.

     Your higher self is your direct connection to Spirit. It is the part of you that operates on love. It is wise, mature, aware, conscious and open-minded. The higher self is associated with high energetic frequency and greater health. Your higher self, in the form of intuition, will never steer your wrong.

Hard...or Easeful

    Your intuition is the voice of the Divine speaking to you through your higher self. If you listen to the fear and doubt of your lower self instead of listening to your intuition, you end up going in a direction not fully aligned with your highest good. Following your lower self will require a course correction down the road, sometimes painfully.  So you can go easy, or you can go hard.  Because listening to your intuition brings ease to your life!

It's All Good!

     Even though listening to your lower self can make your life more difficult, this does NOT imply that your lower self is "bad" or "wrong!"  Even if you listen to your lower self and head in a direction that's not in your highest good, it's not a "wrong" direction or a "mistake." It is the lower self that labels things as "bad" and "wrong!"  So you see -- you can't make a mistake! Choosing to listen to your lower self and going in a direction of life difficulty is just part of your growth process.  It's ALL GOOD!  Ironically, we may need these growth experiences to learn how to trust our intuition.

    Now you know WHY to trust your intuition. To learn more about HOW to trust your intuition, click HERE.


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