Thursday, November 2, 2017

How to Find Your Path in Life

     "Inevitably, we must make our own path rather than someone else's."   
                ~ Joseph Campbell, The Hero With a Thousand Faces

     "Like all great teachers, the best gurus guide their students to the point where they are no longer needed."   ~ Philip Goldberg, American Veda

    I have noticed that in leadership, marketing and business practices, there seems to be a "playbook" from which advice is dispensed. This formulaic, "outside-in" approach is based on what has worked for others. But the emphasis on sales, measurable outcomes, or return on investment does not work for highly sensitive women or spiritual entrepreneurs who are here to serve the highest good. Because the advice given is presented as THE way, rather than helping the individual find their way.

    If you are unsure of your path or purpose in life, you may look for help and advice from someone who has been successful on their path.  But ultimately, you have to find your way, not someone else's way. This is because what works for others may not work for you.

     We are each unique individuals, and no one on this planet can fulfill your unique life path but you.  It can be helpful to hear about the experiences of others and receive their advice -- as long as their guidance is coming from their higher self.

Lower Self vs Higher Self Advice

    The lower self is the part of us that is:
  • rigid 
  • controlling
  • fearful
  • attached to outcomes
  • narrow-minded 
  • opinionated
  • defensive 
     A friend or leader who is operating from their lower self may attempt to narrowly define your path with a message like: "Here's how it worked for me, so this is the way to do it."  Lower-self advisors may also insist that you follow their way, or encourage you to depend on them to show you the way.

     You don't have to define your path in life by what other people do, or how they do it. You aren't limited by what others have done. It does not invalidate your chosen path for someone to choose differently. Nor does it invalidate their path for you to choose differently.

    There is nothing "wrong" or "bad" about the lower self. It is simply an energy state that is not effective in finding your path in life.

   The higher self is the part of us that is:
  • expansive
  • flexible
  • respectful
  • accepting
  • detached from outcomes
  • open-minded
  • compassionate 
  • wise     
    A friend or leader who is operating from their higher self has no attachment to, nor any opinion about, your choices. Their objective is to help you find your path by advising you to connect to your own higher self. A higher-self mentor will suggest you focus inside you, because that is the way we grow - from the inside out.  A higher-self friend or leader will ultimately guide you to no longer need their help.

    The higher self is not "right" or "good."  It is simply an energy state that is effective in finding your path in life.

     How can you tell the difference between lower self and higher self advice? You can discern the difference by paying attention to your energy.

Using Energy Discernment 

     Energy discernment is the use of your energy systems for decision making. You have everything you need within you to know what's right for you.

     If following someone else's path and/or advice makes you feel...
  • less than, or bad about yourself
  • confused and doubtful 
  • tense 
  • constricted
  • pressured 
  • anxious
  • disharmonious is coming from the lower self. You can simply say "thank you for the advice" or, "I'll take that into consideration." And then when you have a moment to check in with how that advice makes you feel, make your decision based on that.

     Listen to how it makes YOU feel, not whether you will hurt the other person's feelings if you don't follow their advice.  Doing so feeds their lower self, which is not in your highest good or their's.

     If following someone else's path and/or advice makes you feel...
  • a deep sense of knowing, or wisdom
  • uplifted and inspired
  • joyful
  • expansive
  • relaxed
  • harmonious
...then you know that it is coming from the higher self and is a vibrational match for your unique path!  Follow this direction, looking for more matches that lead you along your unique life path.


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