Friday, April 28, 2017

How to Trust in Divine Timing

       "When you think about the success you desire, don't forget that God's 'not yet' doesn't mean 'not ever."  Tiffany L Jackson, 12 Keys to Success for Misfits, Weirdos and Introverts 

     A few months ago, I met with a women's group I belong to.  In their presence I had a sudden insight that was almost magical.  ( click HERE to read more about the magic that happens in women-only groups)

     I was coming up on a self-imposed deadline that I knew I wasn't going to make. The project felt blocked. As I contemplated this situation in the presence of the supportive women,  I had a vision of a date circled on a calendar. I recognized this image as the deadline I had set for myself. And then I had a vision of a clock with no hands. I understood that it represented divine timing.  By setting my own deadline, I had taken myself out of divine timing!  And that was why nothing was flowing.

     Now setting a deadline isn't an issue in itself.  The problem is when we set the deadline from the will of our lower self and then become attached to meeting the deadline.  When we do this,  our lower self takes over and tries to force it through. This takes us out of divine timing and out of divine feminine energy.  It also takes us out of our inherent oneness, out of sync with our spirit selves and out of the flow of life.  Because life doesn't unfold according to deadlines!

Lower Self Issues

     When I set an arbitrary deadline and became attached to it, I became out of touch with my higher self.  I fell back on old programming and old messages that say success comes through "making it happen" and "pushing it through." But even so, the idea of being forceful created so much dissonance in my energy systems, those phrases literally made me cringe!  Trying to force things creates tension because it is toxic masculine energy. Tension and restriction happens because forceful approaches carry old energy that doesn't work in higher frequencies. And using force certainly doesn't work for spiritual women, highly sensitive women, or healers or coaches.

  When we try to force situations, it puts all the responsibility on self.  It takes us out of our higher self that is connected to something bigger than ourselves and sets us up for failure. And if and when it fails, we blame ourselves.  Because the small self thinks someone has to be blamed!

What is Divine Timing?

     I believe in divine timing, but sometimes such phrases seem like over-used cliches until I have a real life example that makes me aware of how I'm not in divine timing!

     To understand divine timing, we only have to look to nature. The seasons arrive in divine timing. Flowers bloom in divine timing. Animals live their lives in divine timing. And babies arrive in divine timing, if we don't interfere with the process. But it is humans who take themselves out of divine timing by imposing their will.

     Living in divine timing requires:
  • Patience
  • Detachment from outcomes
  • Trust
  • Receptivity 
Setting a new pattern

   A few months after this insight, I was invited to become part of a group of women launching products simultaneously.  I noticed that once I became part of this group, everything flowed toward the deadline set for the group.  Because it was a deadline I received, not a deadline I imposed upon myself, or had any attachment to.

  Here is a healing affirmation to help you shift from lower self and toxic masculine energy, to higher self and divine feminine energy:

Even though I've been trying to make things happen in my life by pushing them through with force, I now choose to trust and receive all that will unfold in divine timing. 



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  1. Thank you for the article and the affirmation which arrives in my life with divine timing ;)

  2. Thank you Elizabeth. I love when something I write arrives in divine timing for someone else :)


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