Thursday, May 4, 2017

Awaken Your Greater Health Wins 2017 Independent Press Award®

     "When I sit down to write a book, I do not say to myself, 'I am going to produce a work of art.' I write it because there is some lie I want to expose, some fact to which I want to draw attention..." 
~ George Orwell, A Collection of Essays

    Awaken Your Greater Health: How Energy Medicine Opens the Way to Healing has been recognized in the category of Alternative Medicine as Winner in the 2017 Independent Press Awards.

      The competition was judged by experts from all aspects of the book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers and professional copywriters. Award Winners and Distinguished Favorites were selected based on overall excellence.

     This is the 13th book award for Awaken Your Greater Health, which has also received a 2015 Nautilus Book Award and a 2016 Readers' Favorite Book Award.  These awards help level the playing field for independent authors. They give readers confidence in indie titles that are comparable to traditionally-published titles. And they help spread the word and connect readers with books they might not have heard of otherwise.

     In Awaken Your Greater Health, readers learn that health at its highest expression is not just the absence of disease and illness symptoms. It comes from living from your heart instead of living in fear, or living small. The stories, techniques and information in Awaken Your Greater Health can help readers unleash the energy being used to just survive, enabling them to thrive and experience true power, health and happiness.

     "In 2017, we had worldwide participation, from London to Australia, from Portugal to Hong Kong, and are so proud to announce the winners and favorites in our annual Independent Press Award. Independent publishing is alive and well, and continues to gain traction worldwide," said awards sponsor Gabrielle Olczak.

     For more information about Awaken Your Greater Health, and its award-winning predecessor The Other Medicine That Really Works, visit the author's website HERE.  Heidi DuPree is a holistic nurse, Certified Traditional Naturopath, award-winning author and founder of Energypathy Healing® who works with sensitive and creative women such as healers, coaches and nurses.  She teaches them how to master their energy, restore their vitality and improve their health through her coaching, writing and courses.

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