Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How to Release the Fear of Letting Go

     "Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on."
~ Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now  

     Many years ago, my family briefly had a pet cockatiel named Angel.  He was named Angel because of his beautiful white plumage.  But Angel was no angel!  He started out as a pet belonging to a friend. But Angel did not get along with my friend's other cockatiels. He was a bit of a bully! When my daughter expressed interest in having a cockatiel, my friend happily gave him to us.

     It was agreed that Angel should stay in my daughter's bedroom, next to her 2 parakeets.  This arrangement worked well for a few months.  But when the parakeets died, Angel was alone in my daughter's room while she was in school. We became concerned about his isolation and moved him to the family room.  However, the family cats agitated him. And his daily periods of loud screeching were disruptive to the household.  Even my daughter agreed that it wasn't working out.  But she was very reluctant to let him go, for fear that she would never see him again.

Restoring Flow

     When we are in fear, we are in our lower self. Our lower self experiences life as "not enough" because when we are in our lower self, our energy state is disrupted and feels not enough.  In a state of "not enough" we don't trust in the flow of life.  We fear that if we let go, we'll be left with nothing.  In this state of not enough, our energy isn't flowing and we aren't experiencing the flow of abundance.

     One exercise I use to restore energy flow I call "release-receive breathing." Spend ten minutes in slow, deep breathing while focusing on releasing what no longer serves you with each exhale, and focusing on receiving with each inhale.

     Here are some examples of what you could say out loud or silently with each exhale:
  • I release fear
  • I release stagnation
  • I release lack
  • I release mistrust
  • I release control
    Here are some examples of what you could say out loud, or silently to yourself with each inhale:
  • I receive love
  • I receive energy
  • I receive abundance
  • I receive trust
  • I receive support
     This is a slow, rhythmic exercise that re-establishes your natural energy flow and builds your trust in the flow of life.

A Loving Solution for Angel

     I had no idea how I would rehome Angel in a way that was acceptable.  I didn't want to just give him away to anyone.  I finally let go of the situation and asked that a solution present itself. And the solution came right through my front door!

     I held Girl Scout meetings in my home and the girls all admired Angel.  One of the mothers took a special interest in him. As the meeting was breaking up, she asked me a lot of questions about what was involved in owning a cockatiel. She was looking for a pet for her son with special needs. And it had to be a pet without fur due to allergies in the household. She wanted to know how much it cost to own a cockatiel, and how much the cage, toys and food cost, as she was on a tight budget.

     It suddenly occurred to me that this was the perfect solution for Angel.  He and his paraphernalia  could go to a loving family where he could be outside of his cage and not be bothered by cats; a family who might not have been able to afford a pet otherwise; a home where he would help a little boy with special needs.  And my daughter could still visit Angel.

     It was a win-win situation for us, Angel, and his new owners. And it was a solution I did not have to seek.  I only had to receive.

     My daughter did visit Angel in his new home.  And he remembered her, gently rubbing his beak against her cheek while making contented clucking sounds. Once she saw how happy he was in his new home, she trusted that we had made the right decision.

     I recently ran into this Girl Scout mother and she said Angel is still alive and well, albeit with some arthritis in his claws.  It's as if Angel was always meant for them and we were simply the vehicle to get him there.


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