Thursday, July 21, 2016

3 Tips to Understanding Your Dreams

      "To understand the real meaning of dreams we must delve beneath the surface to the purpose of it all. " ~ Betty Bethards, author of The Dream Book

      Do you find dreams strange, confusing or frightening? Do you have trouble remembering your dreams...or understanding them when you do remember them? Dreams may seem jumbled up nonsense, but they are a virtual treasure trove of unconscious information and suppressed emotions.  By working with your dreams you gain access to deep healing.

Here are 3 tips to help you understand your dreams:
  1. Remembering Dreams. To understand your dreams, you need to be able to remember them! Before you fall asleep each night, make an intention to remember your dreams that night. Put a journal and pen near your bed and take a moment to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up, before you even get out of bed. I never remembered my dreams until I started doing this, and now I remember them almost every night.
  2. Releasing Fears. Looking at what you have suppressed in your dreams can be a frightening proposition. In the West, suppression is practically a way of life! And that suppression is at the root of most health issues. The rewards of giving yourself permission to look at what you've suppressed are greater health. If you are afraid of looking at the suppressed material that is revealed in your dreams, ask spirit to support and guide you. Approach your dreams as a detached researcher, observing dream material for deeper meaning without the overlay of your emotions.
  3. Understanding Dream Symbols. Dreams are in metaphor. Everything that appears in your dreams is a symbol. Here are some suggestions to guide you in interpreting your dream symbols:
  • People. Each night you in effect become a playwright. In your dreams you create a "play" with a cast of characters who act out whatever issue you are currently dealing with, working toward resolution. You can greatly enhance that resolution by taking a look at who is playing the different parts and what they represent in you. You will usually use someone from your recent memory to play the characters. But if there isn't someone that fits the part, you will go into your long term memory to cast that character. This is why we sometimes dream about someone we haven't seen in years. The question to ask is - what part of you does each dream character represent? Think about the qualities and characteristics of that person. What do they remind you of in yourself? What does this part of you need to express to heal? A child or baby that appears in your dream represents young part of you, your inner child.
  • Numbers. You can look up the meaning of numbers that appear in your dreams on the Internet, or learn more in Messages in the Numbers by Alana Fairchild. You can also use numerology to understand dream numbers by adding together all the digits of a number that appears in the dream, until you reduce the number to a single digit. Dream Sight by Dr. Michael Lennox is a dream symbol dictionary to look up numbers and other symbols to help you understand your dreams. Before you fall asleep, you can ask for messages in your dreams in the form of numbers. I had a dream that I was driving in traffic and the license plates on every car around me changed to the same number! You can be sure I looked up the meaning of that number as soon as I woke up.
  • Animals. In Native American spirituality and in other cultures around the world, each animal species is believed to have a collective spirit. When animals appear in your dreams, they deliver spiritual messages. You can look up the symbolic meaning of specific animals in Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer, PhD. Read about the meaning of crow, snake and spider HERE.  And the meaning of butterfly HERE
     By taking steps to understand your dreams, you are becoming an explorer. You are bringing light to the murky depths of your subconscious, making self discoveries that awaken your greater health.


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