Monday, February 8, 2016

How to Use Your Voice for Healing

     "Our voice is the most healing instrument. The use of the voice for healing is called toning, and it's probably the oldest and most natural form of sound healing that there is." ~ Jonathan Goldman, The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing

     While taking a walk in a local park, I was delighted to hear a man doing vocalizations in the woods. I was able to record the sound on my phone in the first 7 seconds of this video:

      Why was I delighted to hear this sound? Because most people are too inhibited to practice vocalizations. I felt honored to witness this healing sound.

      Vocalizations are a powerful sound energy therapeutic technique. Chanting, moaning, humming and sighing, accompanied by deep breathing, can release the energetic effects of trauma and associated tension, pain, and emotion. This is particularly the case when intoning a sound on a single breath, as the man in the video was doing.

     Unfortunately most people unconsciously hold their breathe and restrict their voice to prevent suppressed emotions from surfacing. The best way to approach vocalizing is in a non-judging, unconditionally accepting state of mind. Give yourself permission to make sounds. Make an agreement with yourself that you won't judge the sound that comes out of your mouth. Its going to feel awkward at first, but if you set aside a time to practice every day, and keep showing up with willingness, you will break through and experience a release of tension, heaviness, and negative emotions. This will leave you feeling lighter, clearer, and more positive. It may not happen the first time, or even the first week, but it will happen.

    Toning and vocalizations also help open the throat chakra. The communication energy center can become "clogged" when we hold our voice back.  This is particularly an issue for empaths, who hold back their words out of fear of hurting others or being criticized.

     If you would like to know more about using the voice for healing, check out Jonathan Goldman's book through the link at the top.

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