Monday, May 24, 2021

4 Ways to Balance Your Fire Energy

     "...the destructive nature of fire acts as a mechanism of regeneration...melting our hearts to reseed our lives with new life." ~ Awaken Your Greater Health

     Fire energy is the energy of heat and passion. But when your fire energy is out of balance, you can have too much heat, or too little passion. When fire energy is suppressed, it can wreak internal havoc — or flare outward in anger and rage. Those who have been mistreated or abused have a tendency to fire energy imbalances. Suppressing fire energy can also create a deficiency where there is little energy or passion for life. 

     The signs that your fire energy is out of balance include: 
  • inflammation
  • anxiety
  • sleep disturbances
  • joylessness. 
     Excess fire can also cause dryness that disrupts:
  • joint lubrication
  • digestion 
  • metabolism 
       Here are four ways to balance your fire energy: 
  1. Movement. Any kind of body movement, dance or exercise helps move stagnant or suppressed fire energy — especially vigorous movement that involves shaking of the body, and moving to “fiery” music. A relaxing meditation with deep breathing after physical activity helps reset the system that caused the excess fire. 
  2.  Adventure. Any adventurous activity that involves exploring something new and inspiring helps move excess fire energy, or restore deficient fire. 
  3.  Creativity. Creative activities use up excess fire energy as fuel. For example, fire energy can be expressed through a piece of art, music or writing. 
  4.  Flame. You can work with fire energy imbalances by working with actual fire! I build small fires in a fire-proof container and send my excess fire into it to be transmuted in the flame. I burn slips of paper with affirmations for myself and my loved ones. Alchemy is the process of changing energy from one state to another, and fire is a tool of alchemy. Working with fire initiates the alchemical process. If your fire is deficient, you can intentionally draw the energy of a candle flame into your energy systems as you draw in each breath.

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