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Why Women Need Connection to Women

   "Divided, women perpetuate patriarchy. Together, women can heal patriarchy."
             ~ Megan Hollingsworth

     "Tbe deep Feminine, the mystery of consciousness, She who is life, is longing for our transformation as much as we are." ~ Lucy H Pearce, Burning Woman

       I have founded an online school of healing called the DuPree School of Energypathy Healing®.  The courses in my online school are designed for highly sensitive women. I made the decision to create a women-only community and learning environment because of the magic I have observed happening in women-only groups.  But I wanted a deeper understanding of healthy masculine and feminine energies versus unhealthy, and a greater understanding of what creates the magic of intentional women-only environments. Because it is key to healing the patriarchy. I have studied these topics and would like to share my insights with you. 

Masculine and Feminine Energy

     All of us, men and women alike, have healthy masculine and feminine energies that are equally valuable. 

     Although both men and women have these qualities, men are especially gifted with these masculine energy traits:
  • independence
  • focus
  • integrity
  • direction
  • confidence
  • strength
  • logic
  • freedom
  • passion
  • stability
  • discipline 
  • awareness
    Although both men and women have these qualities, women are especially gifted with these feminine energy traits: 
  • affection
  • tenderness
  • radiance
  • surrender
  • empathy
  • loving
  • patience
  • nurturing
  • receptivity
  • flow
  • sensuality
  • sharing
  • intuition
     The problem is that in a patriarchal society where men have authority over women, these feminine  traits are viewed as "less than" and even held in disdain. This creates a toxic imbalance.  Let's explore this further 

Issues in Patriarchy

     Although patriarchal systems where men have authority over women have been in place for thousands of years, they are not based on inherent biological differences between men and women. Rather, they are a social construct. Systems that give men control and dominance over women cause an imbalance of power that permeates every facet of society, creating an environment ripe for abuse. 

    Without the balance of healthy masculine-feminine energy, the patriarchy fosters toxic masculine and toxic feminine energy. Toxic masculine energy is characterized by:
  • aggressiveness and forcefulness
  • competitiveness
  • egocentricity
  • mechanical approaches
  • arrogance
  • insensitivity
  • spiritual emptiness
  • greed
      Toxic feminine energy is characterized by:
  • dependence
  • neediness
  • moodiness
  • manipulation
  • lack of focus
  • excessive sentimentality 
  • irrationality
  • weakness
     In seeking gender equality and success in a patriarchal society, women disown their healthy feminine qualities and adopt toxic masculine traits. Not only does this not work for women, but it has far-reaching negative effects. 

     When women adopt unhealthy masculine traits, they live out of alignment with their authentic healthy feminine energy, which becomes suppressed. Suppression in energy systems has widespread effects on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. This is because health is a direct expression of energetic flow and frequency. When energetic flow is disrupted and energetic frequency is diminished through suppression, the result is poor health on every level.  In this state of energetic disruption, the intuitive, radiant gifts of women are blocked and diminished. 

     The use of unhealthy masculine approaches is especially toxic for highly sensitive women, spiritual women, and healers and coaches. For these more evolved women, the repercussions of living what amounts to a "lie" about who they are is even greater. The more conscious, the more awakened, and the more evolved we are -- the more we are unable to tolerate living in lack of energy flow with diminished frequency without physical, emotional, mental and spiritual consequences. I can tell you this from personal experience.  

     When I became a published, award-winning body-mind-spirit author, I was presented with fear-based, toxic masculine marketing programs that appealed to the ego, valued sales over service, and profits over passion. These toxic masculine traits were present even in marketing programs purporting to be spiritual! Although I observed other authors engaging in these programs seemingly without issue, each time I made an attempt to implement a masculine approach, it would create tremendous disruption in my energy systems. Each encounter with these programs left me shaken and feeling like a failure. Ultimately I rejected these approaches entirely. 

     The good news is that the toxic imbalance and suppression created by patriarchy can be healed by women sharing their feminine gifts.  In Awaken Your Greater HealthI wrote about sharing my own gifts: "My goal is no longer how many books I sell. My 'goal' is peace, harmony and happiness. My ministry is to offer my awakened presence as a gift to hold the space for others to awaken from their amnesia- the same amnesia that I was afflicted with that made me forget that I am innately whole."

The Needs of Women

     When both men and women are present in an environment, what typically emerges is toxic masculine energy. This patriarchal effect is well-documented in business and educational settings. Men tend to become competitive, and can aggressively dominate discussions by interrupting and speaking over women. And males in authority positions tend to show favoritism in their actions and decisions, giving preference to the males under their authority rather than the females. 

     In a co-ed environment, more than likely women's needs simply are not met. Women need to feel COMFORTABLE, SAFE, and SUPPORTED. And that happens naturally when women connect to each other in women-only environments because:
  • Women are hard-wired to relieve stress by nurturing other women.  
  • Female friendships are vital to health, healing and well-being for women. 
  • Women have a special gift for compassion, empathy and intuition that they naturally use with other women. 
  • Female-only environments foster confidence in women.
  • Women-only gatherings are therapeutic for women.
  • Women simply feel safer in women-only environments.
    I recognize that men are also struggling with the toxic effects of patriarchy. But I can best help men by helping women. Because when a woman heals, that healing radiates to everyone she is connected to. When a woman heals, her radiance heals the world. In intentional women-only groups, the magic that happens is the emergence of the divine feminine.

    The Emergence of the Divine Feminine

     When women gather together in groups with the intention of healing, support and connection -- something amazing happens. Sharing begins. Intuition and nurturance flows. Energetic frequency rises. Mystical energy radiates. Healing happens. And women blossom. The magic that occurs is the emergence of divine feminine energy.

    The divine feminine is the highest expression of authentic feminine power and essence. These are the archetypes most frequently associated with divine feminine energy:
  • Mother. You do not have to be a mother to embody divine mother energy. This highest expression of mother births and brings forth new life both literally and figuratively.  She is patient, devoted, selfless, forgiving, nurturing and unconditionally-loving to those she cares for.
  • Goddess.  Goddess energy is the flow of wisdom, intuition and mysticism. She inspires, renews and guides others with grace and intuitive knowledge.
  • Priestess. The priestess is connected to source and channels this divine energy for others. She facilitates the spiritual growth and conscious awareness of others through ritual and ceremony, and teaches through her personal example. 
  • Lover.  Divine feminine lover energy is passionate, affectionate and deeply sensual. She appreciates beauty in all forms, and relishes sensory experiences.
  • Warrioress.  Grounded, confident and calm, the warrioress is the selfless and courageous fighter for the highest good for all. She liberates and protects those in need. 
  • Queen.  The Queen is the highest expression of feminine power and authority. She brings order and balance with compassion and a sense of fairness.
      You can call forth your own divine feminine energy by contemplating the qualities of these archetypes. Focus on the expressions of archetypal energy that you recognize in yourself now.  And then imagine what it would feel like to have qualities of the archetypes that you are less familiar with.  By imagining how you would think and behave if you embodied these archetypes, you bring forth more divine feminine qualities within yourself.
     Anyone can see that the world is deeply troubled.  We don't need more toxic aggression. The world needs the gifts that women have -- the gifts that emerge when women connect to each other in groups.  I am deeply honored that my school helps bring women together and facilitates the emergence of the divine feminine.

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