Monday, August 17, 2015

September 2015 Eclipses: The higher self eclipes the lower self

    "Eclipses are therefore about inner vision, about the process of some-thing being concealed up there in the sky in order that something can be revealed within ourselves. They are very powerful times for contemplation and for inner work." ~ Melanie Reinhart, The Nature of the Self

      The 13th of September 2015 will bring a solar eclipse in the new moon in Virgo, and September 27th will bring a full lunar eclipse in the full moon in Aries.  The energy of Aries is self-focused while the energy of Virgo is service-oriented.  All new moons bring new beginnings, new chapters, doors opening and fresh opportunities.  But this new moon will be much, much stronger with the concurrent solar eclipse. All full moons bring endings and completions.  But again, this full moon will be much, much stronger because of the lunar eclipse.  And these eclipses in Virgo and Aries will bring an end to some self-focused habits in favor of being of service to others.

     Now its very important to make some distinctions here about what it means to be of service.  Most of the clients in my energy healing practice are empathic.  If you are reading this, you may be empathic as well. Individuals who are empathic (empaths) are naturally giving and have the ability to feel the emotional pain of others. Because of their caring and giving nature, empaths tend to put the needs of others before their own and give themselves away.  This is not service. 

     Being of service does not mean sacrificing yourself.  Giving away your time, talent and energy to others because you feel obligated, coerced, manipulated or guilty depletes your energy and only serves the lower self of others and feeds the ego. It doesn't serve anyone for your energy to become depleted.  Being of service means spontaneous giving that is inspired from the heart.  True service is mutually beneficial and uplifts both the giver and the receiver. True service serves your higher self and the higher self of others.

      So what are the self-focused habits that are ending in September? Although it may seem that self-sacrificing behavior is selfless, its actually self-serving because it feeds our lower-self need to be seen as a martyr, our need to avoid feeling guilty, our need to avoid feeling unworthy, our need to avoid hurting the feelings of others, or our need to avoid being criticized.

      Here is a passage I wrote in the award-winning Awaken Your Greater Health, "When you are centered in your heart, you are automatically in the two-way sustainable energy flow of giving and receiving healing energy. This can only happen after the death of lower-self ways, when we let go of the self-serving stance of taking responsibility for others. When we step out of the way and become selfless, our inner channel is opened and cleared for spiritual energy to work through us. This service orientation is the natural state of the higher self."

     The personal changes that will happen during this eclipse season are not an end to self development in favor of more giving away of self.  It will be just the opposite. What will be "eclipsed" are the self-serving habits of putting others before self, taking on the pain of other, or taking responsibility for others in favor of heart-centered service to the world. This represents an incredible opportunity to make the shift from lower self to higher self that awakens greater health.  And the best part is you don't have to do anything but embrace the changes that are coming. You don't have to initiate anything at this time. Just let go and receive. The energies of September support your awakening, and you may begin to feel this effect in August, as well as through October.

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